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Twitter – Los Angeles PR Team – Festival PR

In Breaking News, Celebrity News, Public Relations on April 18, 2011 at 10:30 pm

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Busta Rhymes to Headline One Love Peace Festival

UK’s number one reggae event, One Love Peace Festival returns in grand style to celebrate their 20 year anniversary — at London’s Wembley Arena on Sunday 31st July.

Busta Rhymes

Rap superstar Busta Rhymes will headline the event bringing a Hip-Hop climax to the festival. Busta will be joined by Grammy-award-winning superstars Shaggy and Sean Paul and man of the moment Gyptian, as well as roots royalty Aswad, in an unprecedented music showcase this summer.

Busta Rhymes said: “I can’t wait to get back to the UK!  It’s been three years since I last performed here so I’m dying to tear the roof off Wembley Arena at The One Love Peace Festival with some old school joints and brand new bangers.   When I’m done, you’re gonna remember it for a long time to come.  Get ready because it’s about to go down!”


Life’s a Tweet/Life’s a Pitch/Twitter Publicist

In Breaking News, EOTM News, Public Relations, Publicity on March 16, 2011 at 9:16 pm

By: Twitter Publicist aka Carla B



It seems that more and more, we are turning to Twitter for the latest news and events around the world.  Even public safety officials are using Twitter to stay on top of the latest developments. We know that the public, first responders and journalists are using Twitter to learn about trends and breaking news. As of late, there has been a spike in media and pr professionals utilizing twitter to their advantage and EOTM PR is one of them.

“One way to stay on top of breaking news related to your clients is to set up searches on Twitter for general topic areas related to your client’s work.  For example, set up a search for “booking actors” and “actors” in addition to your client’s name if their work is in the entertainment field. While it may not catch all of the latest news for booking actors, you may see a few tweets relating to an upcoming casting that you can start to follow”, Carla Barnes, Senior Publicist for EOTM said in an recent interview.

Right now there is no better source for breaking news than Twitter, and EOTM PR professionals are using this to their advantage whenever possible. “You should keep your tools for monitoring Twitter open all day and check it regularly because you never know when the perfect opportunity for your client will come up”, Barnes said.

What has your Publicist tweeted for you lately?

There’s no question that Twitter is the new playground for media relations. It’s a new frontier, that when managed professionally, can serve as a powerful platform and one of the best resources for getting a message out to the masses.

Get your Twitter PR strategy today and take control of your online reputation strategy now. Contact EOTM today and request a free publicity analysis. 213-290-3573 – Email: pr@eotmradio.com










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EOTM Radio Exclusive: Science Sounds Speaks On Conscious Rap and The World of Hip Hop

In Breaking News, Celebrity News, Conscious Hip Hop, EOTM News, EOTM Radio on February 21, 2011 at 2:40 am

Science Sounds and Carla B


Carla B of EOTM Radio recently caught up with Science and chopped it up about his immaculate grind, entrepreneurship, his upcoming music projects and more.

Hear what conscious rapper Science Sounds has to say, live on EOTM Radio, Sunday February 20th @ 7pm PT.

Learn more about Science Sounds and Johnnie Roscoe Records – now








Does Negative Publicity Help or Hurt your Business?

In Public Relations, Publicity, Uncategorized on January 26, 2011 at 10:11 pm

By: Carla B





A couple days ago I asked this very question on my facebook page, “Does negative publicity help or hurt your business?”

In my humble opinion, I do believe negative publicity helps a business. Lots of movie stars seems to thrive on negative publicity. Several others have intentionally orchestrated negativity publicity to get into the limelight although many won’t admit it.

But there’s one word of caution here, if your business has a lousy product that no one wants or the business uses unethical means and abuses the customer’s trust then no amount of publicity positive or negative will help.

Why does negative publicity work?

I hate to say this but as a society, people love to see people fight, love to see a super star fall apart whether it’s a 50 cent, Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. Our society gets its thrills from seeing successful people fall apart. Donald Trump came into the public eye when he was close to a $ 10 billion bankruptcy and in the middle of a dirty divorce. When the Gap unveiled a new logo last year, the reaction was swift, intense and very, very negative. In fact, some people detested the look so much it actually inspired them: somebody set up a Twitter account (@GapLogo) that purported to speak in the unpopular design’s voice, and someone else built a site called CrapLogo.me that made it easy to convert any short text into an imitation of the brand’s new style. The Gap tried to pivot off the negative buzz by asking the online hate mob for advice, in a sort of “crowd sourcing” gimmick, but that didn’t go over well, either. In just four days, the company capitulated and announced that it would not change its logo after all.

Britney Spears stays in the limelight for all the wrong reasons and who can forget the late great Michael Jackson from court cases to financial troubles.

I am not saying they are intentionally orchestrating negative publicity, but the point I am making is negative publicity is giving them media attention and they are getting visibility for themselves.  How they use this visibility is an entirely different ball game altogether.

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Better that people are talking about your brand than not…just my two cents.


Click here to listen to Carla B and Saytue Saye share valuable information on marketing and public relations.

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EOTM helping to coin the phrase…”Word of Mouse”

In Branding, Creative Marketing, EOTM News, Internet Radio, Internet Radio Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Social Networking on November 29, 2010 at 7:41 pm

The holy grail of marketing



Strategic Brand Management


Marketing via social networking is no longer just a successful novelty; it is a powerful tool that is changing the way the world communicates.

Social media allows users to expand their networks, advertise their company and/or skills, as well as receive recommendations and referrals from current and former clients. This works because social networking sites aggregate web surfers who share common passions and views, resulting in a tight, reliable group of friends or colleagues who are connected by virtual means. Consequently, when a blogger or member from such groups makes positive comments on your company or endorses your statements, this generates “word of mouse” promotion for your business.

By building relationships in relevant, appropriate communities,marketers can attract more prospective customers, which will ultimately lead to more profits.

EOTM uses these same social media practice effectively each day to reach“taste makers” and “influencers” where they live, work and play.

Every member of the EOTM team is an active member of the social media community, using the various online channels to reach out, respond, generate conversations, and tell a compelling story in the rapidly changing digital world. The result is extraordinary success in stimulating influencer conversations and generating credible, value-added coverage among targeted consumers, bloggers, online enthusiasts and more.

Just like word of mouth, word of mouse is built on a solid reputation, and carefully maintained. EOTM actively works to implement strategic branding and marketing campaigns for their clients,so that their targeted market of consumers visualize that particular business when they need something, whether it’s a new pair of jeans, music or a cup of coffee.

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EOTM PR – Yahaloma – Rahn Anthoni – Booking Agent – Public Relations Agency – Talent Agency

In Breaking News, Clients and Events, Creative Marketing, Gospel Artists, Secular Artists on November 28, 2010 at 10:01 pm
Gospel, Contemporary Gospel and Secular Music



Book Singers Yahaloma and/or Rahn Anthoni for your concert, club, corporate event, private party, fundraiser, college, fair or festival. Submit an Event Inquiry and a representative will reply within 24 hours.

Rahn Anthoni

Yahaloma and Rahn Anthoni although solo Artists they both celebrate spiritual and unshakable faith so powerful that sitting still is not an option. At a time when most gospel artists have made many onward strides into the secular arena, Yahaloma and Rahn Anthoni has successfully carried the art of creating modern praise music into a new category of gospel, creativity, originality, honing in for a complete oneness with Yahweh.

Stay connected with EOTM PR for the new compilation project with Yahaloma and Rahn Anthoni titled,   “Crossover – The New Revolution in Music”.

Yahaloma and Rahn Anthoni may just be available for your next big event. For bookings click here!


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Marketing 101 – Get it in like a Rapper!!

In Marketing on October 18, 2010 at 12:58 am
By: EOTM Staff


Lil Wayne


Did you know that the music industry is known for using a variety of guerrilla marketing methods before anyone else.  For instance, rappers were one of the original groups to use MySpace as a promotional tool.

I thought it would be helpful to look at some of the techniques rappers are using to promote their music, since they are considered to be on the more aggressive and cutting edge side of the music industry.

Here are some marketing tips that successful Rap Stars have used.



Rappers teaching Corporate game


1) Repetition is good. Most marketing experts and studies will tell you that people need to hear your advertising message at least 4-6 times before they remember it.  Mike Jones, a rapper from Houston, may not have a marketing degree or an MBA, but he acts like he does. In his first album on a major label, all of his songs contained his name, in a catchy jingle “Who???  Mike Jones!” that he used in the background of a number of his songs.  This is really important because when his music was played in clubs or on the radio, you were more likely to remember who the song was by, and more likely to buy the album.  How many times have you heard a catchy song on the radio and went to buy it but had no idea how to find it?  Mike Jones solved that problem by just making the repetition of his name part of the song.  Note:  Rap stars have been putting their name into their songs for decades, but Mike Jones was the first one I know of to take it this far – in his hit song “Back Then”, his name is mentioned 5 times, and in the song “Flossin'” his name appears 15 times! So, the takeaway is that you should figure out what marketing message you want people to remember, and repeat it for them.

2) Embrace user generated content. Many companies are concerned about their trademarks and protection of intellectual property and tend to create “walled gardens” of content preventing users from adapting content to suit their own needs and add value to it.  Musicians’ incomes are tied to sales of their music, and as we all know since the advent of peer to peer file sharing and the mp3 file format, record labels and musicians have generally been trying to copy protect their music and maintain an increased level of control over the distribution of it.

But one rapper has been bucking this trend.  Jay-Z always releases an “acapella” version of his albums, which is just his voice without any background music or beat at all.  The main purpose of these albums is to enable DJs and dedicated fans to remix Jay-Z’s lyrics with other beats and songs.  In fact, Jay-Z’s previous album “The Black Album” was remixed into two other complete albums by separate DJs.  DJ Dangermouse remixed it with the Beatles’ “White Album” to form the “Grey Album” and DJ Cheap Cologne remexed it with Metallica’s “Black Album” to form the “Double Black” album.  While rap music is frequently remixed into other songs, this was really the first large scale example of an entire album being remixed by two different DJs to form two other completely new albums.  While Jay-Z didn’t earn any royalties from the sales of these other albums and the remixed albums themselves were only sold online and in a somewhat underground fashion, the other albums certainly helped propel sales of his own music and created more buzz around both him and the “Black Album” since there were lots of people playing the remixed versions in clubs and people discussing them online. Because of both his talent and also because he has embraced user generated content, Jay-Z is widely acclaimed to be not only one of the best rappers of all time, but also one of the most financially successful (his net worth is estimated at $340 million).

3) Have a specific call to action. One other interesting marketing strategy Mike Jones used was putting his personal cell phone in a couple of his songs, and not in a hidden or obscure way, but actually in the main part of the song and repeated numerous times so everyone remembered “281-330-8004”.  Before long, he was getting hundreds, then thousands of calls per day.  And he would actually personally answer a bunch of them. (The number is now inactive, in case you are trying to call it, lol)  While the huge number of calls was probably a bit annoying, it definitely helped Mike Jones differentiate himself, and I think for the thousands of people he actually talked to for 30 seconds or so, they were very likely to buy his album and talk to their friends about it.  I have seen too many advertisements and especially websites and emails where it is not clear what action you are trying to get people to take next.  It might be to complete a contact form, or call your company, but whatever it is, make sure your prospects know what the next step is that you want them to take.

4) Use lot of partnerships. Many businesses only use partnerships in a limited fashion, and only if they are very structured and set up to be in place for a long time period.  Similarly, in the music industry most rock bands typically play their own music and rarely work with other bands.  Not so in rap music.  Rappers and hip-hop artists very frequently collaborate with each other and produce songs on each other albums “featuring” someone else.  In fact, it is almost a formula to have a song on a famous rappers album featuring an unknown rapper, or vice versa.  One very famous example of this was when Dr. Dre basically launched Snoop Dogg’s career by featuring Snoop Dogg on a couple songs on Dr. Dre’s album “The Chronic”.  People who loved Dr. Dre for years got a chance to hear someone new, and liked him.  Snoop Dogg’s next album “Doggystyle” was a huge success, selling over 800,000 copies in the first week and over 6 million copies through the end of 2006.

The world of marketing is currently changing, I say use the techniques that have worked for others and make them work for you.
Corporate dudes taking notes from rappers?! I say it would be a good day for those who do.

Join the “Brand” Revolution

In Public Relations on October 4, 2010 at 3:50 am

Get your Brand on…

EOTM Public Relations Firm (EPR)

New product launches, re-launches and personality development are put into motion by some of the industry’s most seasoned PR directors with proven track records in media relations, event planning and celebrity/high profile management. We successfully publicize a myriad of companies. At EOTM we effectively reinforce existing brands and introduce and build new brands within this competitive and overflowing marketplace. Our impeccable branding talents provide companies with the reassurance of creating an excitement amongst consumers, as well as planning ahead to help ensure longevity, while extending the life of that brand.

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How do you want to be perceived?

In Public Relations on October 3, 2010 at 6:55 pm


Our expertise lies in executing creative and strategic local, national and international media relations and marketing campaigns for our clients in a spirited and pro-active manner. We excel in new movie premiere launches, red carpets with creative flair, celebrity studded fund raisers, re-positioning existing entities that may be in need of an image enhancement and more.

EOTM always has a happening. Happenings that are talked about and remembered for all the right reasons. Email us today for a free marketing analysis –  pr@eotmradio.com or call 213-290-3573

EOTM Public Relations = RESULTS

In Public Relations, Results on September 18, 2010 at 3:15 am

EOTM Public Relations generates press coverage for client’s in the local, national, and international level. Our clients have appeared…

and more……

Unlike other agencies of our size, EOTM actively seeks undiscovered
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