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EOTMRadio.com, a division of the EOTM Media Group, seeks to bring you alluring and engaging interviews, live entertainment, some of the hottest indie and mainstream artists, world news, politics and more; all in a traditional radio format.

From the Safe Auto Insurance Studios



Email us – Interns, Sales and Marketing Experts wanted: pr@eotmradio.com


Listen to Win FREE money, concert tickets and more on EOTM Radio – call in to speak with your favorite radio personality at 718-664-6543.

Online Radio 24/7

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Carla B’s E! Buzz – Sunday and Mondays – 8pm PST – 10pm PST

CEO of EOTM Media Group/Radio Host on E! Buzz

Email Carla

Advertise/Sponsor a Show under the EOTM Radio Network

Follow Carla B on Twitter and Facebook

Dereck Looney & The ‘A” Team – Wednesdays, 8pm – 9pm EST

Radio Host – “Let’s Face Reality”/CEO of Classic City Records
Email the “A” Team

Follow “A” Team on Twitter and Facebook


Saytue Saye – Mixture of Arts –  Thursday Mornings 1am – 2am EST

#1 Show under the Network for 7 consecutive months.

Chief Operating Officer at EOTM Media Group/ Poet / Radio Host/Business Owner
Email Saytue

Advertise/Sponsor on the Mixture of Arts Radio Show

Follow Saytue on Twitter and Facebook

Visit Saytue’s Radio Page

Studio Line 718-664-6543

Willie Simpson and “Grand Ma Grip” Character

EOTM’s Official Military Coorespondent/Actor/Singer

Email Willie Simpson
Follow Willie Simpson on Twitter and Facebook

Rahn Anthoni & Character of “Mother Jenkins” – Tuesdays @ 8pm EST

President at EOTM Media Group/Singer/Actor/Radio Host/Business Owner

Email Rahn

Rahn Anthoni One Sheeter

Rahn Anthoni Voice Over Samples

Follow Rahn Anthoni on Twitter and Facebook

Teangelo Bell – Thursdays from 8pm PST to 9:30pm PST

Email Teangelo

Radio Personality/Choreographer

Advertise/Sponsor on “Love, Hate and the Dance Between Them”

Follow Teangelo on Twitter and Facebook


Ramona Bright aka Mocha D

Email Mocha

Director of Junior Entrepreneur Street Team/Actress/Radio Host

Follow Mocha on Twitter and Facebook


Steven Knight – Fridays @ 7pm EST

Email Steven

Steven Knight – Singer/Radio Personality

Follow Steven on Twitter and Facebook

Visit The Steven Knight Show

Email Michele
Michele Parker – Radio Personality

Follow Michele on Twitter and Facebook



Aron Cosby – Radio Personlity

Email Aron

Follow Aron on Twitter and Facebook

Genera Ferguson – Radio Personality

Email Genera Ferguson

Follow Genera on Twitter and Facebook


Raalow Street – Mondays @ 8pm – 9pm PST

CEO of Raalow Street T.V./Radio Personality

Email Raalow Street

Follow Raalow on Twitter and Facebook

Visit Raalow Street Radio Page Now


Internet radio is growing in popularity, and it’s not just with consumers. Advertisers large and small are catching on to its ease, affordability and effectiveness. If you are looking for high impact and targeted ads make sure you contact EOTMMediagroup.com and ask for your free confidential marketing analysis.


Stacy Briggs

Firan Chisolm

Jimmy Baker

Mark Sandberg

Faay Hassan

Paulette Beattie

DJ Rilotti

Issie Sandbeg

Tawanda Cawthon


EOTM is here with all your new media, radio, entertainment, public relations, marketing and event
solutions. Our goal is to partner with you to create, facilitate, grow and so much more.

EOTM Press Room

Navigating the Future with a fresh Platform, the New Media Way, email us today for advertising and sponsorship information at pr@eotmradio.co or call (213)290-3573.














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http://www.eotmradio.com ~ Studio line ~ 718-664-6543




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