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Behind The Scenes of Lil Zane’s “Must Be Nice” Music Video

In Celebrity News, EOTM News on March 17, 2011 at 6:14 pm

It’s Almost here, the official music video “Must Be Nice” by Rapper/Actor Lil Zane — set to release – April 2011 —


Lil Zane Rocking Jamsunglasses on set of 'Must Be Nice" music video



In a recent interview Lil Zane discusses his upcoming music video, music releases and more:

“I’m not sure why I got so much support from the Armenian Community on this project, but it was like they took me under their wings and made this whole thing happen for me.  I love the vibe on this beat. My producer G Flow out of North Hollywood CA. did a great job on this track; I hope the public likes it as much as I do. If not, I guess I can’t make everyone happy.” Lil Zane says.

Q: Zane what’s up with the Glasses you’re wearing in the video?
A: Oh those things were given to me by Celebrity Stylist Joe Exclusive, big shot out to Jamsung eyewear!

Q: When are you coming out with a new album?
A: My album is in the works, I’m a real diversified rapper, I don’t want to sound like one element of hip hop, so on this album I am striving to be as diversified as possible, without losing my identity.

Q: Why haven’t you done a feature with Akon yet?
A: Ask Akon, actually I don’t want to just yet. Kon and I already have a single together from the early 2000’s  that really wasn’t promoted, I’m thinking about remixing that song first before I come out with something new with him.

Q: Zane I saw you on the Yung and Hung over tour with YG and Bobby Brackins, are you working on a project with them? http://www.exposay.com/yg-lil-zane-bobby-brackin-ray-j-t …
A: Those cats are still a bit too new in the game to work with me on anything, just yet; I just wanted to show my man YG and Bobby some Love. They did a really good job that night at the Key Club, I’m very proud of their accomplishments.

Q: Your fans want to know when you’re going to be featured on a global or national tour.
A: I want you to tell my fans, that the more they support me, the quicker they will see me in a town near them.

Video link for the behind the scene footage of “Must be Nice” http://www.youtube.com/lilzanesworld

Picture Links http://www.topnews.in/lil-zane-must-be-nice-music-video- …




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Lil Zane to be a guest on the George Lopez Talk Show!!

In Breaking News on October 9, 2010 at 3:59 am


Rapper/Actor Lil Zane


By: Tawanda Fredricks

This just in! Unconfirmed sources have shared that Rapper/Actor Lil Zane will make a guest appearance on the George Lopez Show. There has been crazy media buzz surrounding Lil Zane and his comeback music tour. Sources found out about Zane’s debut back into the national media spotlight on Wednesday at BET’s Celebration of 106 and Park’s 10 years on Air in Hollywood, California. Stay connected to EOTM’s blog for show dates and all Lil Zane breaking news and join him online at www.lilzanesworld.com


On Location in Hollywood, Ca @ 106 and Park 10 year Anniversary Celebration


The George Lopez late-night talk show airs at 11 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays on the cable channel TBS.

Lil Zane showed love to the BET Fam @ The 10 year Anniversary of 106 and Park

In Breaking News, Clients and Events on October 7, 2010 at 6:16 am


Lil Zane


October 7, 2010 — Can you believe it was ten years ago that BET created one of the greatest music video shows of all time. The last of the mohicans, 106 and Park is the only evening music video show on television today!

On Wednesday October 6th @ The Court Yard in Hollywood, California BET held a special reunion show featuring past and current hosts including Free, Aj, Rocsi, Terrence, Tigger and Julissa and celebrity guests such as Ashanti,  Omarron, Ray J, YG, Sierra, Bow wow and more.

Lil Zane made a surprise appearance and shared with the audience his first time on the set of 106 and Park, the impact BET has had on his life and how it has helped to change the hip hop world overall. It was most definitely a nostalgic event and not just for the live audience and the viewers world wide but for Zane as well. “I would not be here today if it wasn’t for media outlets such as BET”, Zane said.

In a recent statement Stephan Hill, President of Music Programming and Specials, talked about the impact of “106 & Park”: “Who would have thought that this little show that began September 11, 2000, with nervous producers and even more nervous first time hosts would turn into this highly successful, influential, game-changing daily energetic program about, from and to youth culture?”

106 and Park has been enthralling fans all across the country since the year 2000 and sure to continue to bring some of the rawest talent to the hip hop generation and the world for another decade.

Congratulation BET for a job well done!






106 and Park Logo


Lil Zane back in the “Winnings” on set with Mack 10 and G Malone

In Uncategorized on September 23, 2010 at 7:42 am

EOTM PR – September 23, 2010

A mixture of old and new school hip hop legends were on deck for Mack 10 and Glasses Malone new “winnings” video in Pasadena, California earlier this month.

You saw the video? Not! But here’s some of what went down during Mack 10 and G Malones video shoot for their new track “Winning”.

It’s no surprise that many rappers have attempted to mimic the true feel of west coast rap but not all are successful. Rap legend/actor Mack 10, a prominent figure in the rap game today has this on lock.

The collaboration with Mack and Glasses is not the first and sure not to be their last. When these two perform they bring the energy as if there is no tomorrow. Complimenting the old adage, if it’s going platinum, keep the hits coming.

The new school of rap was most definitely in the house taking notes from the rap legends which included long time platinum recording artist and actor, Lil Zane who was getting his cameo on as well as directing his own live production for Lil Zane TV.

“I am very excited to be here to support my boys, Glasses and Mack 10. They are doing it and doing it well, I really respect their grind and can’t wait to get it in with them both”, Zane said.

The behind the scenes footage includes commentaries from Zane and Diva Q of EOTM Radio, the footage also has the MCs chopping it up about their future collaborations.

“I heard Winning and everybody was bobbing their heads rocking to the beat. The track was very inspiring, uplifting, making me want to get my throw it in the bag vibe on, the west coast street grinders now have a new anthem.” Up and coming rapper Tipse said as the crew wrapped up the tapping.

Mack 10 and Glasses expertly put it down for the west coast and this video is sure to get worldwide attention.

View behind the scenes footage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oaZb8_RO-o

West coast sensation Tipse goes where no rapper has ever gone before

In Breaking News on September 16, 2010 at 5:45 am

Hip Hop changed the language of the American culture, social media changed the world‏.


EOTM (Press Release)

Tipse, his street team SMASH & management have maximized tenfold with social media. With over 1 million unique hits on MySpace, ranked #10 on the hip hop charts of Reverbnation in Los Angeles and shutting down shows from Nevada, Northern Cali to Southern Cali, Tipse has positioned himself to become one of hottest rappers in the game today.

At only 21 years of age Tipse is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word, utilizing all major social media to help grow his fan base, his street team and gain respect in the hip hop genre as well as in business.

Within the past year Tipse’s street buzz has catapulted to unprecedented numbers which has helped him continue to inspire and motivate other local teenagers to join his movement. Creating one of the largest street teams on the west coast known as SMASH.

Tipse and his team have found a way to leverage social media creating a fan base so large it’s as if a major record label had given them a five hundred thousand dollar budget for marketing and promotions.

Tipse will be the new face of hip hop, bringing a whole new swag to rap, the new equalizer, giving voice to the previously voiceless, a new breed originating in the studios of Swagg Genius Entertainment.

“Young, independent, dedicated and full of swag, Tipse is a force to be reckoned with. He is one of the brightest new rap stars to watch out for this year, get him in your i pods now and impress all your friends”. Rapper Lil Zane said.

It’s fair to say, Tipse and his crew are embarking on new territory. We have long believed that fan generated content had the capacity to change the promotional landscape of the industry. Tipse and SMASH are showing us just how it can be done. We are taking notes, it’s sure to be a great read.

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West Coast Legends Come Together For the Largest Hip Hop Industry Mixer

In Breaking News on September 6, 2010 at 11:45 pm

Chocolate Crushes presented The 3rd Annual Western Hip Hop Conference at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California on September 4, 2010. The Western Hip Hop Industry Mixer has established a reputation for bringing together one of the largest collaborations of America’s vocal artists, musicians, dance crews, DJ’s, rappers, all tied into a unique fashion show delivery with the hip hop genre in mind.

One of the shows highlights was the panel of industry experts sharing information that could potentially assist artists in developing their skills and professionalism within the music industry. The panel included moderator, CEO of Indie Power Jay Warsinske, sitting alongside panel members Artist Lil Zane, Artist Dresta, ASCAP’s Alonzo Robinson, Interscope Recording Artist James Love, Producer Sir Jinx, Producer Kadosha, and Executive Rick Valenzuela. Panel members also spoke on the importance of copyrighting, branding originality and understanding the fundamentals of the music business. The panel also spoke on the beauty of being independent and owning 100% of their work.  “It’s all about strategy and team work, what artist wouldn’t want to be able to sell 100,000 records and make more than a couple dollars off each record they sell? When you are independent and own your own music you set the price on what you make. Your destiny is in your hands”, Zane said.

The event was hosted by Everybody Radio and Dj’s Battle and ACE were on deck to keep the euphoria of nonstop entertainment going throughout the show.  K9Compton of Full Deck Records and Latrina Blackberry were the evenings supporting presenters.

“The talent tonight was raw and uncut with a little artist development, marketing and branding I can see some of the talent here today making it to the mainstream real soon, if it’s where they want to be”, said an A & R spokesperson.

In coordinating The Western Conference Hip Hop Industry Mixer and in honor of the talented artists that were showcased, Latrina Blackberry, CEO of Chocolate Crushes pledged six scholarships in the events name to Musicians Institute out of Hollywood, California. With the hopes of providing these six hopefuls with the technical knowledge and professional skills needed to survive as an independent artist and performing artist in today’s music world. Musicians Institute is the world’s leading music school, providing quality education and hands-on training in music.

West Coast Legends such as Shock G, Big 2 DA, Goldie Locs, DUB C, The Chill, Daddy V, ATT Will, MC Eiht, Zoo Life, Jayo Felony, Young Blacc, BG Knockout, Frank Nitty,  Dre Sta tha Gangsta, The Real Rick Ross and more came out in support of this great event.

Artist Lil Zane and MC Eiht astounded the crowd with two incredible surprise performances and Comedian/Actor Shang graced the stage as well as Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns, Lj Brown.

Cornelius Grant of the Temptations was also in attendance.

In speaking with Blackberry of Chocolate Crushes about the success of her 3rd annual event, she went on to thank all of the sponsors and vendors, Musician Institute, Serato, EOTM Radio & Media, Indie Power, Urban Soul, Freeway Enterprises, Hood as it Gets Records, Ace Colby Entertainment, New Era Teens Clothing and More. “When we come together and work together in the end we are successful together”, said Latrina Blackberry.

Stay connected to all the Western Conference Hip Hop Industry Mixer news by visiting www.twchiphop.us

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EOTM PR Now Booking Actor/Rapper Lil Zane

In Clients and Events on August 31, 2010 at 5:05 am

Zane Copeland also known as Lil Zane

Book Lil Zane for your concert, club, corporate event, private party, fundraiser, college, fair or festival. Submit an Event Inquiry and a Publicist will reply within 24 hours.

The 411 on Actor/Rapper Lil Zane

Zane is best known for his debut album Young World: The Future, released in 2000, which featured the single “Callin Me” featuring 112.

Zane is a well sought after lyricist and earned props for his writing skills on “Angels With Dirty Faces” for P Diddy.

Zane is best known for his debut album Young World: The Future, released in 2000, which featured the single “Callin Me” featuring 112.

Zane is a well sought after lyricist and earned props for his writing skills on “Angels With Dirty Faces” for P Diddy.

Zane is also an established actor with such films under his belt as “Finding Forrester”, “The Fighting Temptations”, “Dr. Doolittle 2”, “A Day in the Life”, “Motives” and TV shows such as “CSI” and “The Parkers”.

Zane has made it clear that he is a natural performer, going from Music to TV to the Big Screen.

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CHRIS Brown Hosts TAKERS Movie Premiere in So Cali & Shares Stage with Lil Zane

In Clients and Events on August 8, 2010 at 3:22 am

Club Cabana is already one of the hottest night club spots in Hollywood, but when word got out that Chris Brown would be in the building, Club Promoters’ knew it would a frenzy.


EOTM PR (Press Release)Aug 08, 2010 – There was added mania when Lil Zane made a surprise stop and got the crowd hyped and in the mood to party with his platinum hit “Anywhere”.  Zane also featured music from his new mix tape, “Put it in my Lap” and “Drippin Wet” with west coast sensation Tipse, a hip hop newcomer with club bangers such as “Take it to another Level” and “Joccin My Fresh” which have quickly made him a local phenomenon. Tipse most definitely had the crowd jamming when he jumped onstage with a SWAGG all his own.

Tipse has shared the stage with other artists such as G. Malone, Jay Rock, Mike Jones, Suga Free, Marques Houston and Jim Jones. He’s creating his own lane and very aggressive much like Lil Zane was back in the day. His recent collaborations with the superstar have helped to show his fans and music genius’s alike that there is no “I” in team. “What I do is for the team, when I come up..they come up”, Tipse said in a one on one interview with Carla B of EOTM. Referencing his Street Team $MA$H and his Management Company Swagg Genius Ent.

As they’re set continued there was a back and forth barrage of crazy energy as Zane tore through the stage with enough bombast to keep the women screaming for more and he not only gave them what they were asking for, he gave them what they weren’t, in the form of H20. The audience shook it off without missing a beat to “Put it in my Lap”.

As Lil Zane was leaving the stage he announced Chris Brown was in the building, “it was the best night of my life”, Jennie… a Lil Zane and Chris Brown fan yelled.

Chris Brown made it to the stage with Omarion, there was no performance, just their entire entourage which included about 25 people having a good time entertaining the fans, taking pictures and signing autographs.

Karlie Redd of VH1’s Screen Queens 2 was also in attendance.

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Lil Zane Surprises contestants at BET 106&Park Auditions for Blaze the Stage in Los Angeles

In Clients and Events on August 2, 2010 at 12:32 am

July 31, 2010 (EOTM PR) West Coast Blaze the Stage, contestants competed for the chance to perform on BET’s 106&Park Wild Out Wednesdays. Pat Charles himself, head writer of the show, flew all the way in from NY to sit on the judge’s panel at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It was already a climatic and jittery experience for the performers in front of Pat Charles, BET’s top executive, but when Lil Zane hopped on stage exuding years of experience, high energy, and an octane performance, the bars were raised dramatically.

Zane rocked the stage with a new up and coming west coast artist by the name of Tipse, who kicked off their performance with the throwback cut, “Anywhere”, then later hit the crowd with a track off of his new mix tape, titled, “Put it in my Lap”.

At the closing of the program Zane was brought back on stage to enlighten the 106&Park hopefuls with advice on the industry and helped the rising stars to stay motivated, grounded, and to never give up on their dream. “Rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse, learn this business front to back and keep it original”, was the nugget Zane shared with the teens before walking off the stage.

Lil Zane most recently launched his new tour, “The Follow me Tour”, his return to the music industry. For the past couple years Zane has had roles in “A Day in the Life”, “Cold Case”, “Motives”, “The Fighting Temptations”, “Dr. Doolittle 2”, “Finding Forrester” and more.

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Lil Zane honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

In Clients and Events on July 18, 2010 at 7:33 pm

The Rising Star Music Awards was a royal affair: Honoring Rapper/Business Owner Lil Zane.


EOTM (Press Release)Jul 18, 2010 – Lil Zane was celebrated on yesterday when the Rising Star Music Awards gave him the Lifetime Achievement Award. Zane was not scheduled to perform, just to come, look royal as only he knows how and accept his award. He did all of that with grace and style, giving a speech that most definitely moved the audience.

A rising star performer by the name of “It’s Mr. J Luv”, had second thoughts on Zane not performing. He pulled the surprised star on stage for a exciting, energy filled performance.  That may have been enough to alert Zane’s fans that he was back and in full effect because the audience went wild and they proved it with a standing ovation.

When Lil Zane accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award he was charming and articulate. He shared some wise advice to artists looking to break into the industry. “Never stop, stay humble, be true to you and make sure you give back to your community, this is key”. He also thanked his fans and shared how he has never been in jail or in any kind of trouble. “You don’t have to be a criminal to make your mark in music, stay grounded, focused and surround yourself with a great team, that’s very important, ” Zane said.

The annual event was held at The Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, California and was hosted by Miss Tami and Michael James.

Host: Miss Tami

Host: Comedian Michael James ___________________________________________________________________________________________