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For all inquiries, tips, editorial requests, or music submissions, send an E-mail with a brief description and contact information to: pr@eotmradio.com

  1. Hello I would like to let you know that i am a big fan of the both of you and to let you know that i am that you r going to be parents soon and that i have two boys on my own and i am proud of them.We hope to meet you all one day!

  2. FYI. The images of the collapsed high rises don’t relate to the recent earth quake in Japan.

    They were caused by a magnitude 7.6 earthquake in the city of Taichung (Taiwan) in September 21, 1999.

  3. Hello.

    We have crazy videos and better photos of Randy Quaid & his wife before (Us on red carpet together), during the 2 movies & 4 songs that Randy played with his band, The Fugitives, made up of rocking lawyers. After the show have more video of a Q & A period with Randy & Evi.
    He answered all of our questions!! Some examples of what we have are: Why live here & premier your movies in Vancouver, Canada?….Inspiration for STARWACKERS?….Canadian Immigration?…His dog DOJI?…Harvey from TMZ?…Oral sex with the Millionaire Matchmaker Patti?…His brother Dennis?…Wraith his movie with Charlie Sheen?…Charlies tour?…Larry & Willy’s radio contest?…EVI on stage explaining about concept and warning of Randy Quaids’ fully naked body before the Starwackers movie. Yes we have video and stills of the movie if you are interested…Randy kissing autistic man named Adam,.Etc.

    We want to know the best way to send you a preview video of our clips and photos to see if you are interested in purchasing????

    Please contact either Tanya or Andrew at embrassos@yahoo.com

    Thank you and have a great day!

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