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Whitney Houston Returns to Rehab

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on May 10, 2011 at 5:30 am

Singing sensation Whitney Houston  is back in rehab.

Her spokeswoman Kristen Foster said in a statement to ABCNews.com, “I can confirm that Whitney Houston is currently in an outpatient rehab program for drug and alcohol treatment. Whitney voluntarily entered the program to support her long-standing recovery process.”

Pressed for more details, Foster wrote in an email, “Unfortunately not, saying anything more would conflict with the privacy/confidentiality she needs at this time….”

Since the Grammy award winning singer’s comeback in 2009, she has been dogged by rumors that she was using drugs again. Houston first admitted to using drugs in a two part interview with Oprah in 2009.

She called her ex husband Bobby Brown”her drug,” saying that she “didn’t do anything without him.”

She also said marijuana laced with cocaine was their substance of choice, and they “would have ounces” of cocaine available at all times.

“You put [cocaine] in your marijuana, you lace it, you smoke it,” she told Winfrey.

Her appearance on “Oprah” was her first major television interview since 2002, when she talked to ABC’s Diane Sawyer.

Sawyer asked Houston at the time about ongoing drug rumors that had started in 2000, when airport security guards found marijuana in Houston and Brown’s bags at a Hawaiian airport. The singer alluded to having used cocaine, pills and marijuana — but drew the line at crack in what turned into an infamous rant.

“First of all, let’s get one thing straight,” she told Sawyer. “Crack is cheap. I make too much money to ever smoke crack. Let’s get that straight. Okay? We don’t do crack. We don’t do that. Crack is wack.”

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This week with Teangelo on “Love, Dance & the Hate Between Them”

In Celebrity News, EOTM News, EOTM Radio on May 5, 2011 at 12:58 am

on EOTMRadio.com

This week with Teangelo on “Love, Dance & the Hate Between Them,” Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s new born twins, The Royal Wedding, Box Office Hits, Mother’s Day Gifts, Jamaica Jams, of course, the Termination of bin Laden and much much more.

With special in studio guest G Webb — a new rising artists whose music is fresh, thought provoking, exciting with a great dance beat!

G Webb

Tune in to “Love, Dance & the Hate Between Them” this Thursday and every Thursday at 8:00pm PST.  Only on www.eotmradio.com or the Radio Hotline 718-664-6543.
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Behind The Scenes of Lil Zane’s “Must Be Nice” Music Video

In Celebrity News, EOTM News on March 17, 2011 at 6:14 pm

It’s Almost here, the official music video “Must Be Nice” by Rapper/Actor Lil Zane — set to release – April 2011 —


Lil Zane Rocking Jamsunglasses on set of 'Must Be Nice" music video



In a recent interview Lil Zane discusses his upcoming music video, music releases and more:

“I’m not sure why I got so much support from the Armenian Community on this project, but it was like they took me under their wings and made this whole thing happen for me.  I love the vibe on this beat. My producer G Flow out of North Hollywood CA. did a great job on this track; I hope the public likes it as much as I do. If not, I guess I can’t make everyone happy.” Lil Zane says.

Q: Zane what’s up with the Glasses you’re wearing in the video?
A: Oh those things were given to me by Celebrity Stylist Joe Exclusive, big shot out to Jamsung eyewear!

Q: When are you coming out with a new album?
A: My album is in the works, I’m a real diversified rapper, I don’t want to sound like one element of hip hop, so on this album I am striving to be as diversified as possible, without losing my identity.

Q: Why haven’t you done a feature with Akon yet?
A: Ask Akon, actually I don’t want to just yet. Kon and I already have a single together from the early 2000’s  that really wasn’t promoted, I’m thinking about remixing that song first before I come out with something new with him.

Q: Zane I saw you on the Yung and Hung over tour with YG and Bobby Brackins, are you working on a project with them? http://www.exposay.com/yg-lil-zane-bobby-brackin-ray-j-t …
A: Those cats are still a bit too new in the game to work with me on anything, just yet; I just wanted to show my man YG and Bobby some Love. They did a really good job that night at the Key Club, I’m very proud of their accomplishments.

Q: Your fans want to know when you’re going to be featured on a global or national tour.
A: I want you to tell my fans, that the more they support me, the quicker they will see me in a town near them.

Video link for the behind the scene footage of “Must be Nice” http://www.youtube.com/lilzanesworld

Picture Links http://www.topnews.in/lil-zane-must-be-nice-music-video- …




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Scott Bakula set to open Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on January 31, 2011 at 1:07 am

January 30, 2011

By: EOTM Staff

Actor Scott Bakula, who stars in “Men of a Certain Age” but is likely best known for “Quantum Leap,” is set to open the 17th annual Sceen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday.

Scott Bakula

The award show, which is set to air live on 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on TNT and TBS from Los Angeles, will include a star-studded roster of presenters like Robin Wright, Jason Bateman, Jon Hamm, Nicole Kidman, Jeremy Renner, Taye Diggs, Tina Fey, Dennis Haysbert, Susan Sarandon, Donald Sutherland and Sofia Vergara.

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Doctors Amputate Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Right Leg

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on January 18, 2011 at 9:22 am

By:  Tawanda Fredricks


LOS ANGELES – Doctors in Los Angeles say they have successfully amputated most of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s right leg. They say Friday’s surgery at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center was successful and the 93-year-old “Moulin Rouge” and “Queen of Outer Space” star is recovering. Gabor had an infection in her leg for several months and doctors tried using antibiotics to save the leg.  Gabor broke her hip and had replacement surgery in July, and has been hospitalized several times since for swelling in her legs and blood clots throughout her body.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

When Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband told the actress Saturday night that her right leg was amputated Friday she joked about it, Prince Frederic Von Anhalt said Sunday. “She said ‘I’m gonna die anyhow,'” Von Anhalt said.












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Celebrity Baby News – Kate Hudson Pregnant!

In Breaking News, Celebrity News, EOTM News, EOTM Radio on January 14, 2011 at 9:03 am

By: EOTM Staff

Motherhood is a beautiful thing and Kate Hudson seems to agree, considering her jubilant announcement of her pregnancy with her second child on January 12, 2011. Various media outlets including EOTM Media reported the news about the actress expecting a child with Matthew Bellamy.

Kate met the Muse rocker, 32, at California’s Coachella music festival in April and they have been virtually inseparable ever since.

She introduced him to her mother Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell three months into their relationship.

Kate Hudson and Parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

Matt, 32, is the frontman of the British band Muse, which he helped form in 1994 under the name of Rocket Baby Dolls. Muse is up for three Grammy awards this year, including Best Rock Album for ‘The Resistance.’ Matt is a libertarian who reportedly once suggested   9/11 was orchestrated by the US government, but has since changed his perspective presumably due to political pressure.

Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson

Congrats to the happy couple from EOTM!

Oscar Nominated Actor Pete Postlethwaite from Inception Dies

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on January 4, 2011 at 1:44 am

By: EOTM Staff


Actor Pete Postlethwaite passed away on January 2, 2011 after losing his long battle with cancer, he was 64.

The Actor, once dubbed the “best actor in the world” by Steven Spielberg and who starred in films such as ‘Inception’ and ‘The Usual Suspects,’ died peacefully with his family present at a hospital in Shropshire, England.

Even though the actor was suffering from cancer, he managed to make four films this year including “Ironclad,” “Clash of the Titans,” “Inception” and “The Town.”

Postlethwaite is survived by his wife, Jacqueline, along with his son, William, and daughter, Mary.

The great actor earned an Oscar nomination for his role as Daniel Day-Lewis’ father, Giuseppe Conlon, in 1993’s ‘In the Name of the Father’ and worked steadily through the years in big Hollywood fare such as ‘The Town,’ ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and the Spielberg hits ‘Amistad’ and ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park.’

Pete Postlethwaite, May you rest in peace.

Michael Jackson Album Sells 3M Units Worldwide

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on December 23, 2010 at 1:53 am

The Cover for Michael Jackson New Album


By: Tawanda Fredricks (EOTM Entertainment News, Los Angeles)

Taylor Swift returned to the No. 1 slot on the U.S. pop album chart on Wednesday, knocking reigning champ Susan Boyle to No. 2, and holding Michael Jackson’s new album to a No. 3 debut.

Swift’s “Speak Now” sold 259,000 copies during the week ended December 19, according to Nielsen SoundScan — enough to give it a third nonconsecutive week at No. 1. With sales of 2.6 million after just eight weeks, “Speak Now” is the year’s third-best selling set, behind Eminem’s “Recovery” (3.2 million) and Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” (3 million).

Boyle’s “The Gift” followed close behind with 254,000 copies, and a six week-total of 1.6 million. It spent four nonconsecutive weeks at No. 1.

Jackson’s much buzzed-about “Michael” sold 228,000 copies, a little higher than initial industry prognostications last week. The late pop star topped the chart a year ago when his “This Is It” soundtrack opened to 373,000 copies.

Though he’s not No. 1, Jackson’s album sold more than 3 million units worldwide. “Michael” debuted at No. 1 in Germany, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands. It also made its way to the Top 5 in the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Belgium and Denmark.


‘Ugly Betty’ Star Michael Brea, rants “My Mother’s The Devil” and Kills her With Sword

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on November 26, 2010 at 8:19 pm

By: Stacy Briggs

According to the NYPD, Michael Brea, an actor who once appeared on Ugly Betty, has killed his mother with a samurai sword after a “religious rant.”

Sword Being Carried Out

Ugly Betty and Step-Up 3D actor Michael Brea is now in jail and probably won’t be doing anymore acting for a long while if ever again. He has been arrested for fatally stabbing his mother with a sword. Yannick Brea, 55, was heard screaming by neighbors as her son chased her around their Brooklyn apartment home at around 1:30 AM Tuesday.

Michael Brea

Neighbor Gregory Clare recalls:

“I hear the brother chasing her [his mother] through the house and he’s just saying a bunch of like [Bible] passages like, ‘Repent, Repent, Repent,’”“I heard him chasing her through the house and I hear a loud scream and so I have my father call the cops, I yelled call 911.”

Michael Brea was heard referencing the ‘architect of the universe,’ which is a term used by Freemasons to mean a supreme being, or god. He was also heard shouting at his mother to ‘REPENT,’ before stabbing her with a 3-foot ceremonial use sword and decapitating her.

When the police arrived they tasered Michael and took him to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation, where he allegedly said:

“When I looked at my mother, I saw the devil. I was slashing my mom and I heard the police knocking on the door yelling, Michael open up, Michael open up, but I knew the wouldn’t open the door and stop me because the spirits were protecting me, I just kept cutting her. No one could stop me! I was doing God’s work.”

The investigation is ongoing. Charges are pending. ABC, the network on which Ugly Betty appeared, had no comment.

Mariah Carey Pregnant with Twins

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on November 25, 2010 at 5:58 pm

By: Stacy Briggs


Mariah Carey reveals that she is pregnant with twins.

While promoting her new CD “Merry Christmas II You,” the mom-to-be, who is expecting with husband Nick Cannon, was talking about how she sings songs from her new album to her baby bump when she referred to the fetus as “they.”

In an interview that aired today with Radio Disney’s Ernie D., Mariah joked, “I just hope that they don’t turn out hating Christmas!”

Congratulations to the happy couple!