EOTM Press Room

Production Companies

Hiring a unit publicist is a vital step in your film/production company’s development. A publicist increases your film/company’s visibility, places you in front of multiple press/media outlets, and makes you a household name. Publicists spend countless hours getting you the attention you cannot get alone, but cannot afford to be without. Remember, a terrible thing happens to the upward growth of your career when you don’t have a publicist: NOTHING!

EOTM Media Group’s Public Relations brings years of industry experience to your career. We have spent numerous hours building an enormous database of press industry and media outlet professionals. In an industry filled with smoke and mirrors, EOTM offers sincerity and confidentiality to all of our clients, that is unparalleled by other firms in the industry. If you are ready to bring your film/production company to the next level, check out the services we offer below and visit our new client section.

As a publicist for film(s) and production companies we act as a complete unit publicist from film conception to planning the red carpet premiere and all stages in between. Whether it is a huge budget feature or smaller budgeted independent film, here are some of the unit publicity services we provide:

  • Prepare Bio(s) For Cast & Crew
  • Prepare EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
  • Prepare and Distribute Press Releases Through Out Each Stage Of Film Development
  • Arrange and Secure Media For “Media Day” On Set (During This Day We Are On-Set To Handle All Media Interactions)
  • Post and Maintain Film Production In Online Databases As Well As Daily Trade Magazines (Hollywood Reporter, EOTM Buzz Wire, Variety, Etc.)
  • Arrange Photographer For Shooting On Set Stills

If there are services that you require as a client, and they are not listed – just ask us – there is very little we won’t do for our clients!


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