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1.       Having you been wishing for an alternative to the nightlife in California?

2.       Tired of getting all dressed up in your expensive outfits just to go to a club that’s dark 80% of the time and by the time they turn the lights on everyone is so drunk they couldn’t care less?

3.       Would you happen to be one of the millions of online dating gurus that have had a string of “you don’t look like your pic” bad dates?

4.       Are you a couch potato that just realized if you don’t get out…SOON… you will be 100 pounds overweight and SINGLE by the time you are 28?

5.       Do you get calls from friends asking when the next card game is?

6.       Raise your hand if you are a Wii (Tennis and Bowling) Junkie!

7.       Have you found yourself twisted in awkward positions every time you lay down a Twister game…and you secretly absolutely love it?

8.       If you pride yourself for always being the one to say “UNO” first, say “UNO”!

9.       Musical chairs are not just popular for 8 year olds birthday parties, if you are with me say, “GET IN THE GAME”, three times…with your eyes closed..facing your bathroom vanity mirror.

10.   Would you be considered an avid player on yahoo and Madden online games…if so, stand facing the north with your left leg extended 90 degrees, your right arm facing upwards and in your sexiest phone voice…purr >>> Game on!

11.   Dreamed of dating 8 Men/Women in one night?

12.   Answered yes to number 11?

13.   Had the opportunity to beat all your friends in chess, but threw the game…only to make them feel like they really did something.. and now YOU are dying for some real competition?

14.   Searching for that perfect first date?

15.   Love live music?

16.   When you look in the mirror, does the evil witch from Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs call you sexy?

17.   When picking a first date would you choose an atmosphere such as amusement parks, Dave and Busters, a friends cook out or dinner and monopoly?

18.   Are you a music artists trying to get exposure?

19.   Your parents disowned you because of all the ruckus you and your friends made while playing musical chairs on your 32nd birthday?

20.   Are you comfortable with the lights on all the while you’re in a club?

21.   Looking to meet people of like minds but confused on where to look?

22.   Have you ever heard of EOTM?…and Not the acronym…”EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH”?

23.   Did your Grandmother send you this link?

24.   Are you outgoing and over 21?

25.   Do you classify yourself as single?

26.   Do you enjoy showing the ladies/men your winning techniques in pool?

27.   Can you make a “real” word with any three letters almost every time?

28.   Gotten radio play on the EOTM Music Mix Shows.

29.   Your child sent you this link…. with “get a life and leave mines alone” in the subject line?

30.   Coined the phrase, “Something New”.

31.   If you can relate to at least one of the questions, you need to be at the next GET IN THE GAME event. Click >>>> Games to find locations and dates for the next G.I.T.G. in California.

Email: carlab@eotmradio.com for press kit and sponsorship packet


Successful Speed Dating Tips for Those Attending Get in the Game (California)

Speed dating is extremely popular these days as it gives an opportunity to meet different people in a short span of time and you can check which person is suitable and compatible with your way of thinking so that you can take your dating to the next level. Usually speed dating events are fun but if you are going for your first speed dating event, it is better to be equipped with a few speed dating tips to make the event a successful one for you.

Remember you just have 5 minutes to impress a person. This means that you will initially be judged by your appearance. So make sure that when you arrive at Get in the Game, you are at your most attractive. Exude a confident aura and be cheerful.

Try to let your sense of humor shine through. Make a few funny remarks during your 5 minutes especially if humor is important to you. If the person does not respond to your jokes then he or she either does not like you or as my daughter days, your jokes are just not funny. Either way, the person is not right for you and you should just move on after your 5 minutes.

EOTM’s Get in the Game Speeddating events are meant to be fun filled. So be relaxed and enjoy yourself. If you do not find a person, do not get too disappointed and disheartened. Just relax and enjoy yourself. Let other people see your true self and do not try very hard to impress the person you are talking to. This will only come across as you being desperate to find a date.

While discussing your likes and dislikes, be honest and do not lie. Do not try to be something you are not because the other person will be able to figure it out and you will not have achieved your goal of finding a date.

Even after the speeddate, take time to make a decision and weigh your options carefully. Do not get into something you are not comfortable with. After all there will be speed dating events at every Get in the Game for you to find more like-minded people.

Armed with these successful speeddating tips, you are all set to join us for a Get in the Game speeddating event to have fun and maybe even meet a great match, if all else fails… you still have twister, musical chairs, monopoly, spades and a sleu of other fun games where there is always the possibility of LOVE!!!

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