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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know about Social Networking…

In Social Networking on October 27, 2009 at 2:00 pm

One of the most common questions I get asked about is should small business owners take advantage of all the new social networking sites.

I say YES!

I want to look at three core social networking strategies and when they do and don’t make sense for small business owners.

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A Star is Born

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Top 10 Tips for Unsigned Artists


As an unsigned artist, publicity is a huge driving force when you’re looking at success in the music industry. Although it’s definitely beneficial to retain a publicist once you have your music career in gear, you can still manage to create a little buzz on your own in the meantime. Below are the top ten tips for generating your own publicity as a music artist.

  1. Make sure you have a press kit that includes a well-written bio, an 8X10 photo, CD and contact info.
  2. Go local. Local press is by far the easiest press to get. Let them know your story and send in a CD. Shoot for the music editor or columnist and if they don’t have one assigned specifically, contact the entertainment editor.
  3. Social networking sites are all about music these days. For example, Myspace and Facebook’s  reach is incredible for gaining new fans. Where else can you find people to listen to your music in the convenience of their own home? Make sure you are updating your music, adding friends, keeping them all posted, and updating the tour dates.
  4. Internet radio is a great way to share your music with the masses. You don’t have to approach the big ones—you can see success with air play on smaller stations as well. Send in your mp3’s to local DJs and look up college radio shows nationally and see if they’ll spin your music. EOTM radio is picking up these days too… Queensofinternetradio.com is a great option for the indie artist it doesn’t cost much and it gets your music heard.
  5. Music licensing is a great way to make money and get publicity. Try contacting some music supervisors on TV shows for a start. Send them an inquiry with your information and a link to your music. If you get placed, you can use it for press—and it becomes a story!
  6. Music websites and e-zines are always looking for music to review. Look up their websites and send emails to their editors. Tell them why you’re a fit for their magazine and ask if you can send in a CD. Again, try to make contact first… sending in a random package may be useless.
  7. Youtube.com outlets to share your music. Try to do something charismatic and original. Reaching out to people online can do wonders. Create a music video, a video blog, sing an acoustic set, take a stab at some comedy– anything… Just remember, first impressions are everything.
  8. Be philanthropic. Charity does wonders for publicity outreach. Find something you believe in and offer to play at their event or donate proceeds to their cause. Not only does it get you out there and give you a story angle… but it feels good to help out.
  9. Send your CDs to appropriate magazines for your music’s genre. Make sure you call ahead and find out the right contact, unsolicited packages get lost in the shuffle. A good rule of thumb is to look up specific writers you feel would enjoy your music and find out how to reach them.
  10. Try to book shows in different towns, that way you can easily label the cluster of shows as a tour and contact local newspapers and radio stations and offer them merch in exchange for promotions/articles.

Note that PR is about being smart and creative. It’s about finding a reason for people to care about you and your music. Sure, great music and a good look are helpful, but you also need to reach out to the public and come up with stories. Think outside of the box and you’ll really benefit from the results in no time!

In an effort to help the Indie Artist be it Music, Entertainment, etc. EOTM will be airing a show on this very subject matter November 9th @ 7pm est. Our studio lines will be open for artists to call in and speak with our PR reps. We look forwarding to helping increase your network and inturn increasing your networth. Save this number (718-664-6543) and we will hear you on November 9th @ 7pm est.


The Queen’s of Internet Radio Welcomes Newest Radio Personality

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Older Sister, Shonta Gibson of Famed Singer/Actor Tyrese Gisbon Joins EOTM Radio


October 17, 2009 —

This multi talented woman, Shonta Gibson was born in Los Angeles, Ca. and is a Watts native. Shonta is best known for her many years of talent management experience. She currently represents comedians and actors, Keith Adams, Kente Scott, Lamont King, Devon Stewart, and actresses Ki ki Haynes Bell, Audri Harris, Natalina Depina, and Director Karima J. Sphere. She also represents models, Co Co Jackson, and Melissa Parker, just to name a few.

Shonta established a business called Edgelight Management and Entertainment in 2006, which is home for every one that she represents. Under this same roof, she has created a casting, modeling, and public relations division. With all the hats she wears, it creates a great fit for EOTM.

What people most admire about Shonta is her strong people skills, and networking. She understands the power of linking people together. She is currently affiliated with The Zone Magazine, Flow Online Magazine, The EDA Association, CBH Productions, and KC Thunder Inc. They all work closely with her, and respect her expertise.

One added element is that Shonta is the older sister of famed singer, actor, model Tyrese Gibson. Be on the look out for Shonta Gibson hanging as the newest member of EOTM Radio!

Join EOTM Radio as they welcome this super star in her own right to the Queens of “I” Radio, Thursday October 22nd @ 7pm est.


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EOTM Joins Ardyss International

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EOTM Beauty & Health Consulting Firm

EOTM Beauty and Health Consulting Firm is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating our Consultants of company products not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other Consultants they introduce to the company, creating a down line of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.

Try Body Magic, EOTM Does!

What’s The Buzz On Body Magic?

Some call it a revolutionary body reshaper and that it has the ability to literally transform your body into the shape you desire. EOTM agrees that YES, you can look great in your clothes and feel good all at the same time and go from “Flab to Fab” in minutes.You can do all that with No dieting, No exercise or surgery!
A lot of us have:  Love Handles * Baby Weight *  Back Fat *  Muffin Top * Saggy/Flat Buttocks * Poor Posture *  Back Pain, but are not content to let the whole world see that other side of us.  With continued usage of the Body Magic and other reshapers offered through Ardyss International, all these undesirable traits can become extinguished! Click here to get more information on Body Magic and Order yours Today.

The Ardyss Body Magic reshaping garment was designed by an orthopedic surgeon. It has many health benefits for women. It is an improved and transformed corset, which was used in earlier times to reduce the waist and shape the female figure.

This product is very effective in reshaping the body by reducing it up to three dress sizes while accelerating the process of weight loss.

The Ardyss Body Magic does what is called “Lipo Transformation, ” which means it takes a woman’s fatty tissue and moves it from where it is to where it needs to be in her body. There are only two places a woman needs fat tissue and those are the breasts and buttocks.

The Body Magic offers every women the extraordinary opportunity to look and feel better about her body. This garment is ideal for the times women want to fit into that “special” dress that no longer looks special when they put it on due to the extra weight. It will help any woman have the perfect shape she has always desired.

The Body Magic is the perfect compliment for body reshaping. It is unique since it can instantly reduce a woman two to three dress sizes in a matter of minutes due to the fat redistribution process.

This garment is also ideal for caring for the female skeletal system as it favors correct posture of the spinal column. Not only does it make a woman look slimmer, her body will acquire an esthetic and female shape.

The Ardyss Body Magic was originally created to help overweight women to recover their figure, shaping their body while in the weight loss process. Size reduction, body reshaping and a correct posture will make anyone look and feel great.

The reshaping garment also gives the appearance of a breast lift. It reduces the waist, lifts and rounds a woman’s buttocks and positions them in their correct anatomical place for a proper function and prevents sagging. It’s designed to exert pressure on the abdomen, generating a protection that prevents fat accumulation in the abdominal walls. It gives the appearance of an instant tummy tuck!

When most think of “corsets” they think of something tight and uncomfortable. However, this body reshaper gives the incredible transforming results of a corset without the discomfort. Because it favors correct posture and improves blood circulation, it enhances the results of physical activity. Therefore, it is as safe and comfortable to work out in as a sports bra.

The reshaping results obtained with the Body Magic can be likened to those of lipo sculpture but without the pain of surgery. Because of the exerted pressure your body undergoes with wear of the garment, the fat redistribution helps to firm up the fatty areas of the back, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Wearing the garment, a woman will find that she is increasing the performance of the internal organs located in the abdominal cavity. This is because they are placed where they are suppose to go in the body and they recover lost pressure improving their function.

With the body reshaper, women have testified of improved self-esteem, health, weight loss and lifestyle. Order yours today!


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