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EOTM Radio’s Business Model Rewiring the Radio Industry

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EOTM Radio and Media are one of the first new media companies to auction radio ad packages on eBay!

The Who

EOTM Media Group is a company that produces podcasts and Internet streams for future syndication’s. EOTM also produces top-quality customized jingles at a discounted price and sell these advertisements on eBay and other online sites.

The Why

Media consumption has changed to where the 35 and below crowd chooses how it spends time not by program or radio personality, but by CONTENT.

The How

What EOTM radio does is creates high quality jingles, commercial ad spots, etc “cents on the dollar” compared with what it costs traditional radio stations. While also selling advertising for these programs for a fraction of what radio stations charge.

The Network

The EOTM Radio Network is made up of over nineteen shows to date: the “Queen’s of Internet Radio,” a podcast featuring Carla B, Saytue Saye, Shonta Gibson, Ramona Simpson, Quddusa Anderson and Ashley Carter. Louis Smith aka Tre Luv of the Tre Luv Show, Saytue Saye of the Mixture of Arts Show, Ashley Carter aka DJ Rilotti of the Myspace Music Mix, Teangelo of Love, Hate and the Dance Between Them, Rahn Anthoni of the Rahn Anthoni Inspirational Hour, DJ Team of Let’s Face Reality, E! Buzz with Carla B, Edgelight Entertainment News with Shonta Gibson, The Stunnaz Mag Show; a show dedicated to highlighting the Stunnaz Magazine Models, Top Filmmaker News, EOTM Sports and more.

All programs are available at www.EOTMRadio.com.

Something New!

On December 8,  2010, EOTM Radio offered a 60 second customized radio jingle(earmarked for local radio and internet radio use) The package includes custom written melody and lyrics, 15 second jingle intro, 15 second jingle outro, 30 second doughnut music beds and 1 CD of final mix. Bid on the ad now via eBay.

“Internet Radio Ad”s, Trending Now!

On the internet side of this fence, there are few online radio stations that can claim to have a “program” of any sense – community or interest-oriented, EOTM is the exception. The lowest common demoninator for online streams is talk radio and music. EOTM Radio’s content is a plethora of talk/music radio shows focusing on a wide variety of cultural views and  an abundance of songs that does not necessarily resemble each other, which creates a more positive listening experience that keeps listeners coming back.

Call (213)290-3573 for a free marketing analysis


EOTM helping to coin the phrase…”Word of Mouse”

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The holy grail of marketing



Strategic Brand Management


Marketing via social networking is no longer just a successful novelty; it is a powerful tool that is changing the way the world communicates.

Social media allows users to expand their networks, advertise their company and/or skills, as well as receive recommendations and referrals from current and former clients. This works because social networking sites aggregate web surfers who share common passions and views, resulting in a tight, reliable group of friends or colleagues who are connected by virtual means. Consequently, when a blogger or member from such groups makes positive comments on your company or endorses your statements, this generates “word of mouse” promotion for your business.

By building relationships in relevant, appropriate communities,marketers can attract more prospective customers, which will ultimately lead to more profits.

EOTM uses these same social media practice effectively each day to reach“taste makers” and “influencers” where they live, work and play.

Every member of the EOTM team is an active member of the social media community, using the various online channels to reach out, respond, generate conversations, and tell a compelling story in the rapidly changing digital world. The result is extraordinary success in stimulating influencer conversations and generating credible, value-added coverage among targeted consumers, bloggers, online enthusiasts and more.

Just like word of mouth, word of mouse is built on a solid reputation, and carefully maintained. EOTM actively works to implement strategic branding and marketing campaigns for their clients,so that their targeted market of consumers visualize that particular business when they need something, whether it’s a new pair of jeans, music or a cup of coffee.

Click click click into infinity…

Marketing/Public Relations Intern

In Internships, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, Social Networking on October 14, 2010 at 6:11 am

What we are looking for:
We are looking for a reliable, organized, intelligent and highly driven individual who is interested in a career in Marketing and Public Relations. Our prospective Marketing and Public Relations Intern would be working hands on with our experienced PR/Marketing team to maintain all aspects of our Marketing and P.R. campaigns.

get Happy with EOTM

* Prior internship and/ or professional experience in Marketing and P.R. is a plus
* Currently attending a college or university and pursuing a degree in a related field (Public Relations, Marketing, Communication etc.)
* Strong email, computer and internet skills (Photoshop and InDesign are a plus)
* Highly organized with excellent follow up skills and extreme attention to detail
* Multitasking and prioritizing capabilities
* Strong written and verbal skills
* An individual who will work diligently and complete projects on time

* Maintaining, updating and organizing all social media outlets. This includes:
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs
* Cultivating a strong blogging and forum presence on related sites
* Compiling and maintaining stock of press kits
* Creating, organizing and maintaining press book
* Assists with the distribution of information/materials to the press
* Proofread press releases, newsletters, blogs and other copy
* Research general industry trends, brainstorm creative pitch angles
* Assist with press events, compile attendee lists and coordinate mailings

About us:


During the past three years, EOTM Radio & Media Group has become the new voice of the Entrepreneurial, PR and the Internet Radio community. With our innovative approach to integrating engaging entertainment interviews with equally alluring and informative business segments and press releases. Not to mention the launching of the new EOTM social networking site dedicated to shining light on Entrepreneurs on all levels. EOTM is documenting the present successes and triumphs of our community, by building on the accomplishments of the past and helping to seek higher levels of success for the future. EOTM is actively involved in the transformation, by shaping and perpetuating the continuity of our communities.
Schedule is flexible. Additionally, we are looking for someone who can work consistently with us for at minimum one semester. Although this internship is unpaid, we are willing to offer you: valuable hands on experience, stellar references, class credit and most importantly, beneficial exposure to the world of marketing and public relations.

Please visit our link for more info. http://queensofinternetradio.com/Internship.aspx


What Entrepreneurs Need to Know about Social Networking…

In Social Networking on October 27, 2009 at 2:00 pm

One of the most common questions I get asked about is should small business owners take advantage of all the new social networking sites.

I say YES!

I want to look at three core social networking strategies and when they do and don’t make sense for small business owners.

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