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Singer/Actor Rahn Anthoni Lends a Hand to Hosea Feed the Hungry

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The singing sensation plans to spend his Easter holiday in Atlanta with his friends over at Hosea Feed the Hungry.

Rahn Anthoni will be one of the many celebrities that will help the organization, Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry, celebrate its 40th Anniversary.

This Easter holiday is very special to Anthoni, whom decided to put all his energy within his community even after losing his son a couple months ago.

“It’s about helping others in need, giving back, encouraging, despite what you may be going through. Holding on”. Rahn Anthoni said in an interview with Carla B of EOTM Radio. Anthoni, just recently re-released his hit single “Hold On”, which is a testament to his strength.

Since its founding in 1971, Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless Food (HFTH), a Christian international aid organization, distributed more than $3.0 billion in food, clothing, medical, educational, toiletries, furniture and cleaning supplies to 16 Georgia counties, three states and to the Philippines, the Ivory Coast and Uganda. The organization maintains an average administrative overhead of 14 percent — ensuring the poor receive 86 percent of all donations.

Find out on how you can help the needy by visiting — www.hoseafeedthehungry.com/

Learn more about Rahn Anthoni and his mission today.

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Personal Website http://rahnanthoni.net

Hold On Video www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNax1l5t6gs


If You Love Big Momma and Madea you will Fall Head over Heels with Mother Luella Jenkins

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EOTM Media brings Radio personality, Singer, Rahn Anthoni’s Character, Mother Jenkins to life. Love her or Loath her but Mother Jenkins has busted out onto the set of EOTM TV, making “Hotlanta” her home!


EOTM (Press Release)Jan 23, 2011 – Mother Jenkins, a character of the charismatic, talented, voice over artist, singer,actor Rahn Anthoni has set the stage to bring the very popular outspoken character of “Mother Luella Jenkins” out in plain view for her fans and the whole world to see! “It’s way over due, I have listened to Mama Jenkins faithfully for almost two years, I am excited to finally place a face to her voice”, Jada from Atlanta a long time supporter of the show says.

“I am here, you hear me!!” The lovable Jenkins joked with Saytue as they laughed about this exciting new time in their career.

EOTM is a new media company focused on creating and distributing first class, studio quality entertainment content and intellectual property across multiple platforms.

The vision of EOTM is to set the gold standard in new media, agency performance, combining
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EOTM is dedicated in building long-term partnerships based on mutual trust. Delivering bold
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The new webisodes under the Network will feature EOTM radio personalities Saytue Saye who currently produces and hosts the Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye , Rahn Anthoni and his Character Mother Jenkins. The new shows are set to launch mid February 2011. Stay connected to http://www.eotmblog.com and http://www.eotmradio.com for updates.

You can check out The Rahn Anthoni and The Mother Jenkins Show every Tuesday at 8pm EST and The Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye every Thursday morning at 1am EST via http://www.eotmradio.com

View a Sneak Peak of The EOTM Entertainment News (Atlanta) now.

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From Selling Dope to Giving Hope… in Jesus

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By Rahn Anthoni

Growing up in Dawson Georgia, Timothy Blackwell has always been the one the family looked up to. Tim grew up with a host of siblings (1 brother and 6 sisters) and the family was raised by his mother and father. His mom and dad lived a decent life that could be expected in Dawson. The Blackwell family is known throughout the small town.

Tim’s father was a very hard working man who provided for his family as much as he could. He was involved in a bad car accident which resulted in both his legs being amputated a few years later. Tim’s mom was a true Woman of God who always instilled the love of God in each and every one of her children. As a young child, Tim’s goal and dream was to become the biggest drug dealer out of Dawson, GA. He decided to move to Atlanta, GA with his cousin straight out of high school. He was in between Atlanta, GA and South Florida for many years and then decided to permanently move to Florida and live the life as a popular Drug Dealer making over $30,000.00 a day on a good day. Tim’s life changed from the country boy to a well known South Florida boy. This life for Tim was the best at that time. Tim could have all the women he wanted and the finer things in life. Tim was connected to all the well known rappers and actually dated a well known female rapper out of South Florida. Tim’s clients were a lot of people that we all know and watched as we all grew up. Tim has been to jail numerous times and served approximately 3 years in prison.

This life was getting old, but the money was good. Tim met a female named Shanell Carter of Florida who grew in love with the big time drug dealer of South Florida. Shanell was living the life of the famous drug dealer’s girlfriend. Tim at the time could and did have all the women he wanted as he dated his girlfriend. Shanell went through a lot being the main girl of Tim. One day Shanell’s brother advised her that Tim is the best thing that could ever happen to her. Shanell did not understand at the time because she was going through so much with him. Shanell has met several females that Tim was dating at the time but her brother still told her to hang in with him because he’s a Pastor. Shanell wanted to break it off, but because of Shanell’s brother and Tim’s mom, she stayed with him. Shanell’s brother would call Tim’s phone where he would get all his connects and filled them up with scriptures and a lot of messages about the Lord. It was so many messages on his line; he would miss deals from major people. Tim was very upset and mentioned to Shanell to have her brother stop leaving all those messages. It got so bad that Tim thought about having some of his people pay Shanell’s brother a visit. Tim’s mom played a very important role in this ordeal because she knew that her son was the right person for Shanell. One night, the police were looking for Tim with helicopters and a swat team. Tim was caught and facing ten years or more for the type of business he was involved in. Tim was facing this as well as finding out the next day that his sister died. Tim was in so much pain facing the years and now his sisters’ death. Tim decided to have a talk with the Lord. He said, “If you take this case away from me, I will serve you for the rest of my life”. Tim continued to believe and speak that he was not going to do a day in prison. And sure enough, he got a phone call from his lawyer. His lawyer said, “I don’t know what happened, but everything has been dismissed!”

It doesn’t matter what you are going through, you can still get a chance. The lord granted Tim that wish and he did not serve one day in prison. Tim began to attend church with Shanell and eventually they found a church home that they attended for several years. Tim and Shanell got married about a year after joining the church. His mother was sick at the time, but was able to see her baby boy get saved and get married to the woman that she had previously told him that she was his wife.

Tim’s mother passed away a few months after him and Shanell were married, and that put the stamp of approval on his life with Christ. Also, his father passed away a few years later. Timothy Blackwell is now a Pastor and he and Shanell have a beautiful family with two kids. Pastor Tim is a true man of God and a man of great faith. He is a man who really does practice what he preaches. The ministry’s name is Faith in What God Desires Christian Center. They also have a ministry called “Kids Discovery Outreach” which deals with helping the less fortunate children and families. Please contact Shanell Blackwell if you would like Pastor Tim to speak at any engagements. This is a powerful and true story. Pastor Tim is worshiping at his home and is looking for God to bless him with a place of Worship away from his home. If you are reading this and have a heart in helping this ministry please contact the church @ (561) 291-4144. This year 2011 God shall be moving on Tim’s behalf because this is a true worshiper of The Lord.  Please contact Shanell at nellsha@hotmail.com to set up any engagements.

EOTM PR – Yahaloma – Rahn Anthoni – Booking Agent – Public Relations Agency – Talent Agency

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Gospel, Contemporary Gospel and Secular Music



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Rahn Anthoni

Yahaloma and Rahn Anthoni although solo Artists they both celebrate spiritual and unshakable faith so powerful that sitting still is not an option. At a time when most gospel artists have made many onward strides into the secular arena, Yahaloma and Rahn Anthoni has successfully carried the art of creating modern praise music into a new category of gospel, creativity, originality, honing in for a complete oneness with Yahweh.

Stay connected with EOTM PR for the new compilation project with Yahaloma and Rahn Anthoni titled,   “Crossover – The New Revolution in Music”.

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Book Rahn Anthoni for your Corporate events

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Rahn Anthoni

Rahn Anthoni

For Gospel extraordinaire Rahn Anthoni, his stirring angelic debut ” Hold On” has been a great opportunity for him to bring his inspirational vision and wide range of music styles that radiates hope and forgiveness to an audience that is hungry for spiritual fruit.

His testimony stamps a seal of approval that God has a musical ministry for him to fulfill in this new millineum. Rahn has a story that he shares through his music and if you ever get the opportunity to listen; your life will be forever changed.

To book Rahn Anthoni for your corporate event, concert, private party, fundraiser or convention, contact EOTM Public Relations –

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Visit Rahn Anthoni’s official site today to hear his message. Click here for Rahn Anthoni’s media kit.

Bisexual Rapper Speaks Out with EOTM’s Rahn Anthoni

In Breaking News on October 7, 2010 at 3:36 pm


Imani Misfit


By Rahn Anthoni

A Marlyland Bisexual Rapper
(Speaks Out) Chat’s with EOTM’S Rahn Anthoni
  • EOTM’S Rahn Anthoni
Why Say F THE BIBLE as your main Topic on You Tube?
  • Imani Misfit
I made a video on You Tube titled “F” The Bible” a while ago that caused a lot of controversy, but the reason I did it is because I know that this is something that a lot of people feel, but are afraid to speak on it. I grew up in a Christian environment and one thing that I’ve learned is that Christians have a way of intimidating people into their belief system. There are a lot of contradictions and errors in the Bible that Christians just don’t speak about. If God really loves us all and has the power to do anything, then why does he allow thousands of children to die?
  • EOTM Rahn Anthoni
Well God set the record straight when Jesus was here. We meaning man did this to our self. When Adam and Eve sin, that was the first thing that cursed the earth. God has Laws that we should follow and not man’s law.
Science has shown us many things about the way the universe was created. It tells us about the birth of stars, the creation of the planets, and inevitably, how the earth came to be. God created the universe in such a way that it would lead to life, and eventually, to humanity. So, we have volcanoes, we have earthquakes caused by tectonic plates shifting, we have extreme weather. These are things that the earth uses to keep balance. 

Is it God’s fault that humans decided to build major cities right along fault lines, where earthquakes happen frequently? Is it God’s fault that we built cities right under active volcanoes, or along coastlines known for hurricanes? We should look to ourselves for the causes of these “evils”.
  • Imani Misfit
It doesn’t add up. We had an earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, a whole bunch of situations where thousands of children have died. If there was a loving God who was able to do anything, he would never allow that to happen. Besides that, there is a whole bunch of evil that is promoted in the Bible that nobody says anything about it. Yet if you have doubts about the Bible or if you don’t want to worship Jesus, people accuse you of being possessed by the devil, they accuse you of hating God, then they tell you that you are going to hell. I really didn’t mean it as disrespect to any one, it was more like me venting my frustration and anger. Plus, the Bible is the main reason why so people hate gays. If gays and bisexuals expect to gain acceptance, we are going to have to address this.
  • EOTM Rahn Anthoni
We as man create evil. If we have love, we would not have evil because it’s not brought up until we as man create it. When you have perfect love, evil is no where around because love over powers evil. That’s when you really have true love. No judging and leaving that up to God. Mankind well most Christians if I may say do not show the love of God. A real Christian would love in spite of the way a person is. We as Christian need to stop and get into the deep things of God. We bring all these things on ourselves. If we all were the same, the world would be so boring. God created each and every one of us different. It’s not one person that can do the same thing. We all are individuals and we have out on mind to do JUST WHAT WE WANT. In the end God will be the judge. I just want to hear my father say to ME. Well done my good and FAITHFUL servant. Faithful is the Word I want to hear. Faith is believing who you are and on this earth and you are really not. If you believe it enough, you will become who God called you to me as long as you have FAITH. To all my Christians that does this to people, look at what you created. Our brother has mix views on the Father because of the way we treat people. We need to change the way we are as Christians and embrace and let God do his job. Where is your faith?
  • Imani Misfit
The only faith I have is the faith I place in myself. My religion is anti-religion. Alot of people think I’m atheist, and alot of people think I’m a devil worshipper. I am neither one. I don’t believe in the Bible so obviously I don’t believe in the devil. Sometimes I believe there is a God, but I’m not sure of who he is. I’m definitely sure that he is not all-loving and all-powerful like the Bible claims. If anything, I’m an agnostic. I believe there is a God, I just dont believe that any of us have been on this Earth long enough to know who he is.
  • EOTM Rahn Anthoni
Well I can tell you that he’s the one that gives you that choice that you have to make and allow you to do whatever you want in life. He’s the one that takes you as you are and not judge you or make you come to him. He’s the one that does all the things for you by giving you the strength to do it. He’s there all the time and you can feel his touch when you get through the things you never thought that you could get through. God is Love and his people has destroyed it and made you feel the way you do. Don’t blame God for them because they made a choice and believe me they will pay in the end. If you have love, Joy, Peace, kindness and all the good things, then you have God no matter what people say. I beg you to not listen to people who say God is of God.  You will know them by the fruit they have. If they have spoiled fruit, you know to walk away. If they accept you for who you are and allow the walk of God to change whatever God wants to change in your life then you know that they are on God’s side. God love you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. He gives you a choice to choose him. Whatever situation you are in life, you created it not God. If it’s good you chose to create it. If it’s bad, you chose to create it. Are you dating anyone?
  • Imani Misfit
I’m not really dating anyone right now. Marketing and promotion has taken over my life.
  • EOTM Rahn Anthoni
What made you decide to do what you do?
  • Imani Misfit
I’m assuming you mean what made me decide to promote myself as a bisexual rapper? Mainly because I hate the way gays and bisexuals are treated in my society. Alot of people feel like a gay or bisexual man could never make good rap music. I want to change people’s minds about that. I also want to inspire other gay and bisexual men to be proud of who they are.
  • EOTM Rahn Anthoni
Do you believe in God?
  • Imani Misfit
Yes I believe in God, but no I’m not Christian. However I do go to church sometimes to listen to the music. My views on the church and bisexuals? The church is filled with them. Why? Because homosexuality and bisexuality is natural and you can’t pray it away. It’s really annoying that so many bisexuals and gay continue to support a religion that is the cause of our persecution.
  • EOTM Rahn Anthoni
Why are you a Bisexual and not Gay?
  • Imani Misfit
I don’t call myself a gay rapper because I’m not gay. To be gay means to ONLY be attracted to the same sex. I like pu** and I like di**, therefore I am bisexual. I am a featured model on XTube this is the link to my page

Imani Misfit/Porn Star

Click at your own Risk –http://www.xtube.com/amateur_channels/amateur.php?u=ImaniMisfit

I have a whole bunch of songs about girls, but I haven’t officially rapped on a song about a guy yet. Thats going to be coming real soon tho.

I really don’t care about other rappers who don’t agree with what I do. I’m not trying to make friends with them. Who cares what they think.

  • EOTM Rahn Anthoni
Have you created a song about your encounters?
  • Imani Misfit
I have a whole bunch of songs about girls, but I haven’t officially rapped on a song about a guy yet. That’s going to be coming real soon tho.
  • EOTM Rahn Anthoni
What is your views on rappers that don’t like what you do?
  • Imani Misfit
I really don’t care about other rappers who don’t agree with what I do. I’m not trying to make friends with them. Who cares what they think.
  • EOTM Rahn Anthoni
What went through your head about Bishop Eddie Long Sex Scandal?
  • Imani Misfit
I wasn’t that surprised by the Eddie Long scandal, I always knew Eddie Long was a freak. There is just something about him that made my bisexual radar go off. I actually made a YouTube video about it. Truth be told, the church is filled with bisexuals and gays who preach on Sunday morning about the love of Jesus and are sucking dick on Sunday night. When I came out as a bisexual, I got a ton of messages on Myspace and Facebook from guys asking me to suck my d and do all kinds of freaky s to me, then I go to their profile page and see all these pictures of them in church. It’s mind blowing, but this has been going on for the longest.
I just want to say thanks for the opportunity to tell my story. My music is available on iTunes and Amazon under the name “Imani The Misfit” I’m also on Facebook. Also it you google my name you will find all the articles written about me, along with my Myspace, Twitter and YouTube pages.
  • EOTM Rahn Anthoni
We at EOTM really appreciate your honesty and we love your story. Be blessed in all you do in life. We look forward in having a show to spot light you on EOTM RADIO with Carla B.
Imani Misfit songs and sites please visit links below.
You Tube


The Bisexual Rapper