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From Selling Dope to Giving Hope… in Jesus

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By Rahn Anthoni

Growing up in Dawson Georgia, Timothy Blackwell has always been the one the family looked up to. Tim grew up with a host of siblings (1 brother and 6 sisters) and the family was raised by his mother and father. His mom and dad lived a decent life that could be expected in Dawson. The Blackwell family is known throughout the small town.

Tim’s father was a very hard working man who provided for his family as much as he could. He was involved in a bad car accident which resulted in both his legs being amputated a few years later. Tim’s mom was a true Woman of God who always instilled the love of God in each and every one of her children. As a young child, Tim’s goal and dream was to become the biggest drug dealer out of Dawson, GA. He decided to move to Atlanta, GA with his cousin straight out of high school. He was in between Atlanta, GA and South Florida for many years and then decided to permanently move to Florida and live the life as a popular Drug Dealer making over $30,000.00 a day on a good day. Tim’s life changed from the country boy to a well known South Florida boy. This life for Tim was the best at that time. Tim could have all the women he wanted and the finer things in life. Tim was connected to all the well known rappers and actually dated a well known female rapper out of South Florida. Tim’s clients were a lot of people that we all know and watched as we all grew up. Tim has been to jail numerous times and served approximately 3 years in prison.

This life was getting old, but the money was good. Tim met a female named Shanell Carter of Florida who grew in love with the big time drug dealer of South Florida. Shanell was living the life of the famous drug dealer’s girlfriend. Tim at the time could and did have all the women he wanted as he dated his girlfriend. Shanell went through a lot being the main girl of Tim. One day Shanell’s brother advised her that Tim is the best thing that could ever happen to her. Shanell did not understand at the time because she was going through so much with him. Shanell has met several females that Tim was dating at the time but her brother still told her to hang in with him because he’s a Pastor. Shanell wanted to break it off, but because of Shanell’s brother and Tim’s mom, she stayed with him. Shanell’s brother would call Tim’s phone where he would get all his connects and filled them up with scriptures and a lot of messages about the Lord. It was so many messages on his line; he would miss deals from major people. Tim was very upset and mentioned to Shanell to have her brother stop leaving all those messages. It got so bad that Tim thought about having some of his people pay Shanell’s brother a visit. Tim’s mom played a very important role in this ordeal because she knew that her son was the right person for Shanell. One night, the police were looking for Tim with helicopters and a swat team. Tim was caught and facing ten years or more for the type of business he was involved in. Tim was facing this as well as finding out the next day that his sister died. Tim was in so much pain facing the years and now his sisters’ death. Tim decided to have a talk with the Lord. He said, “If you take this case away from me, I will serve you for the rest of my life”. Tim continued to believe and speak that he was not going to do a day in prison. And sure enough, he got a phone call from his lawyer. His lawyer said, “I don’t know what happened, but everything has been dismissed!”

It doesn’t matter what you are going through, you can still get a chance. The lord granted Tim that wish and he did not serve one day in prison. Tim began to attend church with Shanell and eventually they found a church home that they attended for several years. Tim and Shanell got married about a year after joining the church. His mother was sick at the time, but was able to see her baby boy get saved and get married to the woman that she had previously told him that she was his wife.

Tim’s mother passed away a few months after him and Shanell were married, and that put the stamp of approval on his life with Christ. Also, his father passed away a few years later. Timothy Blackwell is now a Pastor and he and Shanell have a beautiful family with two kids. Pastor Tim is a true man of God and a man of great faith. He is a man who really does practice what he preaches. The ministry’s name is Faith in What God Desires Christian Center. They also have a ministry called “Kids Discovery Outreach” which deals with helping the less fortunate children and families. Please contact Shanell Blackwell if you would like Pastor Tim to speak at any engagements. This is a powerful and true story. Pastor Tim is worshiping at his home and is looking for God to bless him with a place of Worship away from his home. If you are reading this and have a heart in helping this ministry please contact the church @ (561) 291-4144. This year 2011 God shall be moving on Tim’s behalf because this is a true worshiper of The Lord.  Please contact Shanell at nellsha@hotmail.com to set up any engagements.


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