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EOTM Public Relations brings all things — Tipse Baby!!!

In Clients and Events on July 30, 2010 at 8:12 am

Jayquan Crittenden aka Tipse has been rapping and creating beats since the 7th grade. His outlook on life for the past 3 years has been failure is NOT an option.

Tipse is young, vibrant and full of energy and he exudes a certain stage appeal that has been missed in the hip hop genre. Tipse is paving the way for a highly successful career in Music and T.V.

Tipse was influenced by artists such as Notorious B.I.G., Bone Thugs -N- Harmony, T.I. and Juelz Santana, and producers such as Cool & Dre, Swizz Beats, & Droopie.

At the age of 19 , he signed with Swagg Genius  Entertainment , after his popular club single “Jerkin Holdin My Fitted Cap”. In 2009 his independent mixtape “Damn They’re Famous” was released, which featured the street anthem “Swagg or the Cash”.

Tipse has shared the stage with artist such as Lil Zane, G.Malone, Jay Rock, Mike Jones, Jim Jones, Suga Free, Marques Houston and other local artist.

Tipse is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word, utilizing all the major social media networking sites to help grow his fan base, street team and gain respect in his genre as well as in business. Within the past year Tipse’s street buzz has gotten so big that he has found himself inspiring and motivating other local teenagers to join his movement.

From that experience Tipse was inspired to formulate his crew known as SMASH.

Tipse and SMASH can be seen on any given day hitting the streets and forming street teams to help continue to push his vision, which is to bring his music and his teams music to a store near you.

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Tipse Recent Press

Tipse takes his career to the next level and joins Lil Zanes Follow me Tour

Tipse and Zane Celebrates Benny Booms Bday Bash @ Club Haute in Los Angeles

Rapper Tipse proves to his Fans that he is a team sport as he celebrates, Get in the Game with EOTM Radio & Media


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The Craver Experience…..

In Clients and Events on July 19, 2010 at 7:00 am

Symphony with a beat….

DJ Craver will put you in a trance with his symphony like performances that promises to tell a story and paint a picture like none you’ve ever seen or heard. Offering trance fans a new love for the genre.


Los Angeles, CA (EOTM PR) July 19, 2010 – California nightlife has never been the same since Thomas Craver aka DJ Craver hit the trance scene. With his melodic, dramatic, orchestra like style, Craver is one of the hottest names in trance music today. Voted #970 and quickly climbing on djlist.com, which ranks over 500,000 DJ’s worldwide. DJ Craver is without a doubt one to be reckoned with.

Craver is set to perform at the 3rd Annual Kosmic Festival on Saturday August 28th. He will also be performing live for EOTM Media Groups new events taking Southern California by storm, called Get in the Game which will be held in Redlands, California on Wednesday July 28th.

When asked how he found his self in the trance genre, he responded very matter of factly, “I was drawn to it. Trance is symphony with a great beat. While performing I feel the need to spread my wings and fly high. I’m in the zone and the beautiful thing about that is I take the crowd along for the ride”.

After listening to his music and watching him perform at a festival in El Monte, California on July 3rd I totally agreed with him. The live experience was as if he was almost treating sound as a component of form, stretching out textures until they took on a value of their own.

Event goers can expect this same style, energy and euphoria at the Get in the Game event as well as the Kosmic Festival.

For further information:

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Lil Zane honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

In Clients and Events on July 18, 2010 at 7:33 pm

The Rising Star Music Awards was a royal affair: Honoring Rapper/Business Owner Lil Zane.


EOTM (Press Release)Jul 18, 2010 – Lil Zane was celebrated on yesterday when the Rising Star Music Awards gave him the Lifetime Achievement Award. Zane was not scheduled to perform, just to come, look royal as only he knows how and accept his award. He did all of that with grace and style, giving a speech that most definitely moved the audience.

A rising star performer by the name of “It’s Mr. J Luv”, had second thoughts on Zane not performing. He pulled the surprised star on stage for a exciting, energy filled performance.  That may have been enough to alert Zane’s fans that he was back and in full effect because the audience went wild and they proved it with a standing ovation.

When Lil Zane accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award he was charming and articulate. He shared some wise advice to artists looking to break into the industry. “Never stop, stay humble, be true to you and make sure you give back to your community, this is key”. He also thanked his fans and shared how he has never been in jail or in any kind of trouble. “You don’t have to be a criminal to make your mark in music, stay grounded, focused and surround yourself with a great team, that’s very important, ” Zane said.

The annual event was held at The Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, California and was hosted by Miss Tami and Michael James.

Host: Miss Tami

Host: Comedian Michael James ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Show me the Media….

In Public Relations on July 13, 2010 at 7:15 am

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EOTM Public Relations Welcome Lil Zane to the Firm

In Hip Hop Artists on July 3, 2010 at 4:50 am

Lil Zane Is Back & Stronger Than Ever With The Follow Me Tour

“People know who Lil’ Zane is,” he says. “Now, I’ve just gotta remind them why I am who I am. I’m Back”!


(Press Release)Jul 03, 2010 – The transformation from teen star to respected adult performer is not always an easy one. But for Zane Copeland Jr., aka Lil’ Zane, the transition has been seamless.  As someone who has already scored a number of hit singles such as (“Anywhere” w/112, “Money Stretch”, “Callin me”, “Hardball” w/Lil’ Wayne, Sammie & Bow Wow) and appeared on the big screen with Sean Connery (“Finding Forrester”), Eddie Murphy (“Dr. Dolittle 2”), Cuba Gooding Jr. & Beyonce Knowles (“The Fighting Temptations”), and Omar Epps & Mekhi Phifer (“A Day In The Life”), all while being involved in TV shows such as CSI and The Parkers with Monique, Lil Zane has made it clear that he’s a natural performer, going from Music to TV to the Big Screen.

Starting exactly a decade ago Lil Zane assisted in many areas of the Hip Hop industry that most people are unaware of, through his channel of influence he has brought great artists such as Akon to the public and has been one of the first artists to work with Keri Hilson, Pit bull, Lil Wayne, Lil Bow wow, and Beyonce. He was one of the first artists to grace the sound stage at the now famous 106 and park, BET’s number one music video show. “I feel like I’ve grown up a lot over the past few years and my music has matured as well,” explains Zane.

Now as CEO of his own record label, US Entertainment, and partner of Soul sticks Productions, a film company that specializes in producing music videos, developing movies and television shows; Zane plans on creating and producing his own box office hits and signing the hottest new and upcoming artists to his label. Currently on a creative side Lil Zane is collaborating with multiple artists, to bring diversity to his sound and visibility. “In this marketplace an artist has to be aware of the creative side and the business side of this industry. I plan on being the best business man and artist out there.” Zane says.

The Follow Me Tour will hit the stages of California, Georgia and Florida with other States starting the 1st quarter of 2011. The lineup for the tour is phenomenal, “I’m Back Fans, and this time I’m not going anywhere”.

For more information on bookings and tour dates contact Moses Hill at (818)398-5510.

got Talent?

In Public Relations on July 2, 2010 at 5:21 am

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