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The Craver Experience…..

In Clients and Events on July 19, 2010 at 7:00 am

Symphony with a beat….

DJ Craver will put you in a trance with his symphony like performances that promises to tell a story and paint a picture like none you’ve ever seen or heard. Offering trance fans a new love for the genre.


Los Angeles, CA (EOTM PR) July 19, 2010 – California nightlife has never been the same since Thomas Craver aka DJ Craver hit the trance scene. With his melodic, dramatic, orchestra like style, Craver is one of the hottest names in trance music today. Voted #970 and quickly climbing on djlist.com, which ranks over 500,000 DJ’s worldwide. DJ Craver is without a doubt one to be reckoned with.

Craver is set to perform at the 3rd Annual Kosmic Festival on Saturday August 28th. He will also be performing live for EOTM Media Groups new events taking Southern California by storm, called Get in the Game which will be held in Redlands, California on Wednesday July 28th.

When asked how he found his self in the trance genre, he responded very matter of factly, “I was drawn to it. Trance is symphony with a great beat. While performing I feel the need to spread my wings and fly high. I’m in the zone and the beautiful thing about that is I take the crowd along for the ride”.

After listening to his music and watching him perform at a festival in El Monte, California on July 3rd I totally agreed with him. The live experience was as if he was almost treating sound as a component of form, stretching out textures until they took on a value of their own.

Event goers can expect this same style, energy and euphoria at the Get in the Game event as well as the Kosmic Festival.

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  1. It was only a matter of time untill the rest of the world experienced Cravers music the way his friends have for years… His music is something special… His talent.. Creativity and passion for music can be seen by all. His sets will take you on a beautiful ride and leave you wanting more. Thomas I love u and miss the hell out of you… I’m so happy things are happening for you..if and one deserves it… you do.


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