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Innovative Initiatives in Marketing


EOTM has developed a unique business tool that tells marketers how much and where to invest their marketing dollars. Through years of research we have comprised a complete library of real-world results across all media – not just traditional media, but also new media. We have gathered hundreds of analytical results from real world marketing activities brought together to form an innovative system dedicated to finding the right answers for your business.  EOTM analyzes:

  • Your specific industry
  • Your preferred markets
  • The level of innovation in your industry
  • The nature of your marketing message
  • The level of creativity in your marketing
  • Your current marketing allocation
  • Your industry’s level of maturity and competitive mix
  • Nearly twenty other variables specific to your marketing situation

Based on how you answer the questions in our marketing analysis we assemble an accurate recommendation for budget and marketing mix based on your goals. We also track your results and refine our recommendations over time based on the outcomes. It is as if you have your own marketing science team working 24/7 on your business to ensure optimized spend and maximum efficiency.

EOTM understands that consumers don’t behave like they used to. There are more options – media, product, entertainment – and less time than ever. And new technology has allowed consumers to control the way brands have historically communicated with them (think TiVo, XM Radio, the Internet and others). It’s a different ball game, and EOTM utilizes a brand new navigation system for the future.

We compete harder than ever for  justification and will be held accountable for the highest ROI possible for our clients.

Prehistoric marketing is know where to been seen in our Marketing room. Long gone are the days when all that was required for marketing budget approval was last year’s budget, superficial metrics, next year’s sales projections, and a subjective judgment about what worked, and what might work better in the future.

No marketing manager would dare commit millions of dollars of capital to a project without an analysis of its payback, net present value, and internal rate of return. How can companies that invest millions of dollars in marketing efforts – including product innovation, branding, advertising, direct marketing, CRM, promotion, incentives – remain competitive in the market without a detailed understanding of the interaction and performance of past marketing investments, or the dynamics of forecasting marketing success? Simply put, they can’t! Contact EOTM today for a detailed marketing analysis.  Get the answers for the future today! We are just a phone call away – (909)527-3661

The EOTM Radio & Media Marketing Group

www.eotmradio.comwww.Queensofinternetradio.comEOTM Buzz Wire Mag


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