EOTM Press Room

Freelance Publicist

Strategic Brand Marketing

EOTM Media is a specialized public relations, media, marketing, advertising and creative branding firm. We have helped dozens of individuals and companies increase name recognition, build brand equity and dramatically improve revenues through visibility and headlines.

Our focus is mainstream media placements. We generate press coverage for your company, your products and your people. Delivering strategic, market tested case studies needed for new clients to make educated and sensible decisions that will ultimately make dollars and “sense”.

Our Approach

  • EOTM”s team will work with you in a consultative and collaborative way. We want to partner with you today to earn the reward of working with you tomorrow. For our clients we will candidly advise you on your key strengths, areas of improvement, and should you qualify as client, make you marketable as possible to your targeted market. Finding the highest quality solutions to your campaign and deliver real results. Which in the end is really all that matters?

Connect with EOTM

  • Ask about your free confidential marketing analysis. Email pr@eotmradio.com or call (213)290-3573 and ask for Carla! Visit our public relations website today.

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