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Rihanna Detailing Her Sexual Desire in Rolling Stone Interview

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on April 1, 2011 at 4:50 am


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Rihanna is a very freaky girl..in deed!!

Earlier this week we blogged about the sexy cover from the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine

and now we have the excerpts from the interview where she talks about her sexual fantasies, how she likes a man to take charge in the bedroom and more.


Check out the excerpts below:

On lifting the Chris Brown restraining order:
“That’s my decision. It doesn’t mean we’re gonna make up, or even talk again. It just means I didn’t want to object to the judge. We don’t have to talk ever again in my life. I just didn’t want to make it more difficult for him professionally. What he did was a personal thing – it had nothing to do with his career. Saying he has to be a hundred feet away from me, he can’t perform at awards shows – that definitely made it difficult for him.”

On what she went through after the incident:
“I put my guard up so hard. I didn’t want people to see me cry. I didn’t want people to feel bad for me. It was a very vulnerable time in my life, and I refused to let that be the image. I wanted them to see me as, ‘I’m fine, I’m tough.’ I put that up until it felt real.”

On letting a man take control in the bedroom:
“Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun. You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge of your shit. That’s fun to me…I like to be spanked. Being tied up is fun. I like to keep it spontaneous. Sometimes whips and chains can be overly planned – you gotta stop, get the whip from the drawer downstairs. I’d rather have him use his hands.”

On Sexting
When you’re not with the person you want to be intimate with, a picture is the next best thing. Skype is safer, but a picture lasts a long time. When you’re alone, and those horny moments come up, pictures can be very handy.”

She also talks about Chris Brown and the infamous restraining order in the recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine —









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Chris Brown Apologizes for the GMA Incident

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on March 24, 2011 at 2:29 am



March 22, 2011: Chris Brown is photographed after an explosive argument at GMA. It was reported that Brown freaked out, storming into his dressing room and started screaming, Brown was out of control, and one source says us he smashed a window in his dressing room, and the glass shattered and some shards fell onto the street. Credit: INFphoto.com

R&B singer Chris Brown has publicly apologized a day after storming backstage directly after

an interview and performance on Good Morning America, with Co Anchor Robin Roberts.

“First of all, I want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office, or anybody who was offended or really looked, and [was] disappointed at my actions,” Brown said, according to a transcript of his live appearance on BET’s “106 & Park.” “Because I’m disappointed in the way I acted.”

“Yes, I got very emotional,” he later added. “And I apologize for acting like that.”

Brown emphasized that he did not hurt anyone backstage at “GMA” but had to release “the anger that I had inside of me” after, he claimed, he was thrown off by questions about his personal life in an interview he believed would focus on his new album.


Robin Roberts of Good Morning America Trashes Chris Brown..or so they Say…

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on March 22, 2011 at 5:17 pm

By: Carla B

The Singer allegedly  Explodes off stage and breaks window

Chris Brown at an event in February, 2011, and a cracked window above the GMA studios on March 22, 2011. (Reuters/FOXNews.com)

Chris Brown visited “Good Morning America” for an interview with Robin Roberts on Tuesday morning, as part of a promotion of his new album, F.A.M.E.. According to inside sources, the interview was a disaster. Insiders with TMZ reports that, after a brief performance, Brown went into a rage off stage, shattering a window, perhaps with a chair, and leaving ABC’s studio without his shirt, all without completing a second scheduled performance.

During the interview, Roberts jumped right into a number of questions about Brown’s 2009 arrest for the savage beating of his then girlfriend – superstar, Rihanna. She mentioned that the restraining order that resulted from the incident had recently been relaxed, to which Brown responded: “I mean, it’s not really a big deal to me now, as far as that situation, and I think today’s the album day, that’s what I’m focused on.”

When asked what the acronym in the album name stands for, Brown said, “Forgiving all my enemies, and definitely, fans are my everything. That meaning, being able to go through everything I went through and show my fans that I love them.”

That opened another opportunity for Roberts to try to bring the beating up, which Brown again preempted by very pointedly emphasizing his album. As the interview ended, Brown emphasized that he couldn’t care less what others thought.

In defense of her, Robins Roberts insists that Brown pre-approved the questions before the interview.

Later, ABC News released a statement saying, “As always, we ask questions that are relevant and newsworthy, and that’s what we did in this interview with Mr. Brown.”

Do You Like Chris Brown’s New Hair Color?

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on March 11, 2011 at 4:33 am

Chris Brown says, “Look at me now!”

In a series of tweets, he has been showing photos of his new hair color, as he reminds everyone that his new F.A.M.E. album arrives on March 22. Look At Me Now also happens to be the name of his new single, featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. A video for it will premiere in mid-March.

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CHRIS Brown Hosts TAKERS Movie Premiere in So Cali & Shares Stage with Lil Zane

In Clients and Events on August 8, 2010 at 3:22 am

Club Cabana is already one of the hottest night club spots in Hollywood, but when word got out that Chris Brown would be in the building, Club Promoters’ knew it would a frenzy.


EOTM PR (Press Release)Aug 08, 2010 – There was added mania when Lil Zane made a surprise stop and got the crowd hyped and in the mood to party with his platinum hit “Anywhere”.  Zane also featured music from his new mix tape, “Put it in my Lap” and “Drippin Wet” with west coast sensation Tipse, a hip hop newcomer with club bangers such as “Take it to another Level” and “Joccin My Fresh” which have quickly made him a local phenomenon. Tipse most definitely had the crowd jamming when he jumped onstage with a SWAGG all his own.

Tipse has shared the stage with other artists such as G. Malone, Jay Rock, Mike Jones, Suga Free, Marques Houston and Jim Jones. He’s creating his own lane and very aggressive much like Lil Zane was back in the day. His recent collaborations with the superstar have helped to show his fans and music genius’s alike that there is no “I” in team. “What I do is for the team, when I come up..they come up”, Tipse said in a one on one interview with Carla B of EOTM. Referencing his Street Team $MA$H and his Management Company Swagg Genius Ent.

As they’re set continued there was a back and forth barrage of crazy energy as Zane tore through the stage with enough bombast to keep the women screaming for more and he not only gave them what they were asking for, he gave them what they weren’t, in the form of H20. The audience shook it off without missing a beat to “Put it in my Lap”.

As Lil Zane was leaving the stage he announced Chris Brown was in the building, “it was the best night of my life”, Jennie… a Lil Zane and Chris Brown fan yelled.

Chris Brown made it to the stage with Omarion, there was no performance, just their entire entourage which included about 25 people having a good time entertaining the fans, taking pictures and signing autographs.

Karlie Redd of VH1’s Screen Queens 2 was also in attendance.

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