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PR for Musicians

In Public Relations on August 10, 2010 at 6:41 am

Exposure in the entertainment industry is the number one way to get discovered and to spread the word about what you are doing. If people do not have a way to find out about you, how are they supposed to know that you exist?

EOTM implements an array of customized marketing and branding strategies which involve guerilla internet marketing approaches which are specifically designed to maximize your exposure and your overall web-presence. EOTM PR connects their clients to social media makers (bloggers, podcasters, Internet radio station DJs) who cover their specific style of music. Get connected today. Contact EOTM for a free consultation – 909-559-1763 – Click here to visit our Publicity Website.


Public Relations & Media

In Public Relations on May 14, 2010 at 3:25 pm

Turn to us for ideas and actions that deliver results.


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Talk with EOTM, where our years of knowledge and dedication can be put to work for your greater success.

It’s all a Matter of Judgement…

In Public Relations on April 17, 2010 at 10:11 pm

An integrated PR marketing firm that builds, refreshes and drives consumer branded engagement and influence.

Listen up! If you’re not advertising on Internet radio, you could be missing out!!

In Marketing on April 1, 2010 at 6:00 am


According to a 2004 study by media research finns Arbitron Inc. and Edison Media Research, internet radio has an estimated weekly audience of near|y 19 million Americans and growing. Not only are people listening in online, they’re also buying online.

Monthly internet broadcast (radio and video) users might represent only 26 percent of the online audience, but they accounted for an estimated 42 percent of online spending. Advertisers can reach an audience that’s in listening and shopping mode.

Thinking of advertising on internet radio? Here are a few tips based on audience demographics and behaviors:

* Test a new offer. About 28 percent of internet broadcast users are likely tO try a new product or service vs. 17 percent of nonbroadcast users. So launching a new product through internet radio could give your initial sales a boost. You’ll also likely receive immediate customer feedback or testimonials to help you further refine your product or service and marketing pitch.

* Appeal to a “hip” audience. Although the age range of broadcast users is 12 to 54 years old, the highest concentration of users falls into the 12- to 34-year-old group. They are a technologically savvy group in tune with DVDs, cell phones, messaging, video games and other media products. Communication gadgets will sell well to this crowd. Yet, even if you aren’t promoting these types of devices, tailor your advertisement’s message to address the concerns, needs and wants of a sophisticated young audience.

* Use a URL in your ad. Forty-two percent of the internet radio audience has listened in while shopping or researching a product or service online, so invite them to your website. To sweeten the offer and track your radio advertising results, promote a particular page on your site, such as http://www.company.com/radio–just don’t make it too long, or people can’t remember it. You can use web analytics to track page traffic and also embed code in the links on this page to track leads and sales from it as well.

If you are seriously contemplating on implementing radio ads into your marketing/promotional campaign please feel free to give EOTM Radio a call. We offer free consultations for business owners that have read our blogs and notes via facebook. Mention ad #3124.