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A couple reasons why you may need a Publicist…

A very popular quote in the entertainment industry and a great reason to hire a publicist…..”Have your people contact my people”

Believe it or not, having a publicist on staff boosts your credibility. It shows that you are serious about your profession, your brand and that you have no qualms about investing in your future. Which in turn sets you apart from a lot of the competition.

Let’s touch on a couple reasons why having great PR representation is essential.

First off, you need exposure. “You” or a “Brand” needs to be seen, heard and talked about, there should be a buzz circulating at all times. Publicists help facilitate this, by securing encouraging attention via magazine interviews, news article, tv shows, radio interviews, press releases, epk’s , etc. There is an extra sense of authority when people hear about something from a TV show or radio show. It is notably influential.

Public Relations efforts can expose you to all kinds of media, catapulting your chances for success. With the proper PR, you will get the chance to tell the world whatever you think they should know, in the most effectual manner. For example, a singer can land a radio interview on a national morning show and discuss the importance of the message behind their new cd. A small business owner can be featured in a entrepreneur magazine and have the opportunity to tell the public about his/her new business venture. The public’s interest is instantaneously provoked.

Leveraging your finances and time are also key. Advertising and marketing your brand can be an excellent way to tell the public about why they need your product, however, it does not come without a significant price.  Advertising can be very expensive and if you are just starting out you may or may not have that million dollar budget to work with. Ads in local magazines can cost thousands of dollars. Plus, since the public knows that the ads are coming straight from the business, they lose their reliability. Through the use of quality public relation efforts, a publicist can reach the public for a small fraction of the cost of an advertisement. Considering the cost and credibility factor, PR is much more cost-effective and efficient. The time factor is also something to consider in hiring a Publicist. It’s your time and there is simply none, nada… between auditions, shows, tours, etc. You have a million things to do before you can achieve true success. So what will it be? The time spent on creating a EPK (Electronic Press Kit) or auditioning for that new Broadway play..and getting the role.?

The job of a publicist is very time consuming. There are many words to speak, sentences to write and ideas to generate. Very few people have the time to handle an effective PR campaign, market their brand and conduct “business as usual.” A publicist can take your mind off of the promotional aspects so that you can do whatever it is that you do best.

Trying to book the prime media without a well connected publicist, would be like an actor trying to make it in Hollywood without an agent. It’s just not done!

Become your own brand and hire a publicist today!

Contact EOTM Media Group today and ask about our free consultation.

(213)290-3573 or email pr@eotmradio.comwww.eotmmediagroup.com

We have offices centrally located in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York to best service your needs.

  1. How much will it set me back? What celebrities have u worked with shows etc? I may need your serves starting the middle of next yr. I do shows, workshops etc and need to get into vip events. Let me know what u can do for me after reviewing my page. Thanks

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