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5 Strategies- Internet Marketing Help & Public Relations Ethics with Saytue Saye & Carla Barnes

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January 24, 2011

By: Carla B & Saytue Saye

If you are looking to make some noise and find new customers in 2011 make sure you are listening to EOTM Radio, Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 11pm EST. Join Saytue Saye and Carla B as they offer free Internet Marketing Strategies and Public Relation tips.

Saytue’s take on Internet Marketing

Saytue Saye Internet Marketing Specialist


Internet Marketing should be the basis for every company in this day and age. If you are not doing Internet Marketing, strategically, guess what?! You don’t exists!!

FACT is, 95% of businesses started online are doomed to fail. The root of most mistakes you’ll make in business, you must overcome these common roadblocks to be ahead of the game with fewer headaches and disappointments.

Business is not a get rich scheme or a push button method to get rich fast. Strategic planning is the only way to a successful business and the action to play its part in “vision”.
A lot of entrepreneurs go around thinking that “access to information is what separates the winners from the losers” and that “the smartest person in the room should be the most successful.”

So, Now, having the right information and knowing how to work hard are important. But they are only tools. The only deciding factors when it comes to business success are often easily overlooked. Yet these elements are absolutely vital.
If you are that struggling marketer needing help, then I will be sharing some helpful tips that will get you that much closer to winning. (I don’t want to read this article just take me where I can get my internet marketing help.) Or just keep reading.

There are many businesses out there that have very little or no online exposure and that is where Power 3 Marketing comes into play. It is not affiliate marketing in the traditional sense…actually it is not affiliate marketing at all. It is a business model you use to help offline businesses get exposure on the internet. Having online presence is a must for any business these days, that wants to remain competitive. However, many business owners have no clue where to begin and that is where you come in, with the training from Power 3 Marketing. There are actually three different levels of Power 3 Marketing: Basic Training, Gold Training and Elite Training. Each level offers some excellent techniques to get you started in your P3 business. Read more . You can find out more about Saytue Saye and her companies by clicking here to visit her blog and websites.                     





Carla’s take on Public Relations — Ethics

Carla B is a seasoned leader in Public Relations and Media


I absolutely love these types of show whereas we can empower minds with food for thought! These shows are dedicated to the elite group of professionals that take the time to hone in on they’re craft. The central purpose of my portion of the show will be to provide an overview of ethics in public relations.

Every Public Relations organization has a code of ethics which the members are expected to abide. The primary objective of this code of ethics is to form guidelines to educate members on how they should conduct themselves in their professional lives. Despite these guidelines, ethics in individual practice is deeply troubling for PR professionals and consistent violation has been a matter of debate for years. Most critics have complained that the ethics ‘have no teeth’ and one cynic as quoted by PR Sourcewatch says, “real ethical behavior is expensive, and that’s where the PR industry’s ethical dilemma
originates. All of the major public relations firms routinely engage in unethical practices and they don’t do it because they are evil people. They do it because their wealthy clients have problems, and cleaning up their image is often easier and cheaper than cleaning up their mess’.

In this section I will also discuss how having a strong sense of ethics and of how to arrive at ethical decisions can enhance the career prospects of public relations professionals. Hope you can make it! Check out my Public Relations and Blog Site for more info on me. www.eotmmediagroup.com

Click this link to be redirected to EOTM Radio, call in with your question to 718-664-6543


Who Listens to a Radio Show Full of Commercials?

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EOTM Radio listeners, that’s who!

Not Your Average/Typical Radio Promo/Publicity/Funny Radio Promotions/Your Ad Here

Taking the boring out of not so funny, not so average, no sense, nonsense radio ads, get featured here in 2011. Are you laughing yet? It’s all about the strategy, or NOT.

Did you know that internet radio ads are up and traditional radio ads are down? Yes, according to voices.com. Allow EOTM to position your company directly inf front of your targeted consumer base.

Email pr@eotmradio.com or visit https://eotm.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/eotm-radio-sponsor_ad-info2.pdf


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Let EPR create your story — start something in 2011

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EPR (EOTM Public Relations) has expertise in music and entertainment PR including albums and books, live tours, product launches, events, DVDs, film and artist PR.

We come up with all sorts of ways to publicise our clients across print, digital and broadcast media.

The team at EPR is committed and highly trained so our clients are assured of the very best service.

We have a range of talent within EPR that allows us to cater for all kinds of projects – from hard rock to power pop to hard trance.

We’ve most recently launched EPR Junior, a children’s PR division.

Above all EPR understands that an effective, friendly and business-like relationship with our clients forms the basis of great communications and great results.

We gravitate towards creative and cutting edge PR tactics with a flare. Our team has wrote the book on guerilla marketing and brand management.

We aint never scared! Wanna be Startin Somethin? We would love to hear from you, it’s what we do!

Direct (213-290-3573 – www.eotmmediagroup.com

EOTM Radio’s Business Model Rewiring the Radio Industry

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EOTM Radio and Media are one of the first new media companies to auction radio ad packages on eBay!

The Who

EOTM Media Group is a company that produces podcasts and Internet streams for future syndication’s. EOTM also produces top-quality customized jingles at a discounted price and sell these advertisements on eBay and other online sites.

The Why

Media consumption has changed to where the 35 and below crowd chooses how it spends time not by program or radio personality, but by CONTENT.

The How

What EOTM radio does is creates high quality jingles, commercial ad spots, etc “cents on the dollar” compared with what it costs traditional radio stations. While also selling advertising for these programs for a fraction of what radio stations charge.

The Network

The EOTM Radio Network is made up of over nineteen shows to date: the “Queen’s of Internet Radio,” a podcast featuring Carla B, Saytue Saye, Shonta Gibson, Ramona Simpson, Quddusa Anderson and Ashley Carter. Louis Smith aka Tre Luv of the Tre Luv Show, Saytue Saye of the Mixture of Arts Show, Ashley Carter aka DJ Rilotti of the Myspace Music Mix, Teangelo of Love, Hate and the Dance Between Them, Rahn Anthoni of the Rahn Anthoni Inspirational Hour, DJ Team of Let’s Face Reality, E! Buzz with Carla B, Edgelight Entertainment News with Shonta Gibson, The Stunnaz Mag Show; a show dedicated to highlighting the Stunnaz Magazine Models, Top Filmmaker News, EOTM Sports and more.

All programs are available at www.EOTMRadio.com.

Something New!

On December 8,  2010, EOTM Radio offered a 60 second customized radio jingle(earmarked for local radio and internet radio use) The package includes custom written melody and lyrics, 15 second jingle intro, 15 second jingle outro, 30 second doughnut music beds and 1 CD of final mix. Bid on the ad now via eBay.

“Internet Radio Ad”s, Trending Now!

On the internet side of this fence, there are few online radio stations that can claim to have a “program” of any sense – community or interest-oriented, EOTM is the exception. The lowest common demoninator for online streams is talk radio and music. EOTM Radio’s content is a plethora of talk/music radio shows focusing on a wide variety of cultural views and  an abundance of songs that does not necessarily resemble each other, which creates a more positive listening experience that keeps listeners coming back.

Call (213)290-3573 for a free marketing analysis

Compare Advertising on your Local Radio Station to Internet Radio Advertising on EOTM

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  • First off let’s break down what’s really good audio content.
  1. Good audio content is anything that keeps listeners through the next minute, simply put.

What’s important in your community —

When responding to community needs, the relationship that’s built with a local radio station and it’s audience has always been solid..or at least for the most part. The argument though is that programs airing on local stations have diminished amounts of local content. Few stations, particularly mainstream are responding to community needs.

We Global…so we Local…

What internet radio was founded under —

On the internet side of this fence, there are few online radio stations that can claim to have a “program” of any sense – community or interest-oriented, EOTM is the exception. The lowest common demoninator for online streams is talk radio and music. EOTM Radio’s content is a plethora of talk/music radio shows focusing on a wide variety of cultural views and  an abundance of songs that does not necessarily resemble each other, which creates a more positive listening experience that keeps listeners coming back.

Media consumption has changed to where the 35 and below crowd chooses how it spends time not by program or radio personality, but by CONTENT.

Production quality demands are no longer high. Popularity is measured by the number of persons who have listened to the content, which can be tracked online with reasonable accuracy. When the “content” that interests them is gone, listeners will not stick around to hear the rest of the “program.”

With EOTM Radio we poll internet radio listeners as well as local and national mainstream broadcasts to discover what they would like to hear and discuss which creates somewhat of a bandwagon campaign good enough to capture the word of mouth which required to take it viral.

As I stated at the top of the blog, “good audio content is anything that keeps listenership through the next minute”. Want more of it?

Listen to EOTM RadioInquire about our radio/sponsor opts.

Why EPR?

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Innovative, experienced and teaming with talent, EOTM Public Relations is a results-oriented public relations firm specializing in global media attention for entertainment, corporate America, nonprofit organizations and more. Our expertise lies in executing creative and strategic local, national and international media relations and marketing campaigns for our clients in a spirited and pro-active manner. We excel in launching new products and in re-positioning celebrities that may be in need of an image enhancement.


We operate on the principle that proactive public relations requires a thorough understanding of the media and demographic. Our PR specialists are in daily contact with the press locally, nationally and across all media. We offer close personal relationships and credibility with key journalists and editors that gain us immediate access to the ‘right’ people to share your message. We are constantly on top of the stories on which they are working. We know how to craft a story to suit the media outlet and properly position our clients in the market. We’re always searching for the unique idea, the different angle, and the fresh take on a familiar story. Our marketing expertise in creating successful campaigns in support of our clients and creating synergies within our network allows for an environment of creative and successful strategic programs in support of company goals.


Still wondering?

EOTM helping to coin the phrase…”Word of Mouse”

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The holy grail of marketing



Strategic Brand Management


Marketing via social networking is no longer just a successful novelty; it is a powerful tool that is changing the way the world communicates.

Social media allows users to expand their networks, advertise their company and/or skills, as well as receive recommendations and referrals from current and former clients. This works because social networking sites aggregate web surfers who share common passions and views, resulting in a tight, reliable group of friends or colleagues who are connected by virtual means. Consequently, when a blogger or member from such groups makes positive comments on your company or endorses your statements, this generates “word of mouse” promotion for your business.

By building relationships in relevant, appropriate communities,marketers can attract more prospective customers, which will ultimately lead to more profits.

EOTM uses these same social media practice effectively each day to reach“taste makers” and “influencers” where they live, work and play.

Every member of the EOTM team is an active member of the social media community, using the various online channels to reach out, respond, generate conversations, and tell a compelling story in the rapidly changing digital world. The result is extraordinary success in stimulating influencer conversations and generating credible, value-added coverage among targeted consumers, bloggers, online enthusiasts and more.

Just like word of mouth, word of mouse is built on a solid reputation, and carefully maintained. EOTM actively works to implement strategic branding and marketing campaigns for their clients,so that their targeted market of consumers visualize that particular business when they need something, whether it’s a new pair of jeans, music or a cup of coffee.

Click click click into infinity…

Get more than just Consulting, get RESULTS!

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EOTM Public Relations Fact:

We are NOT just a Publicity Firm; we are an online marketing firm as well, representing hundreds of clients nationwide, in a number of different industries. We specialize in target marketing on the Google search engine, the largest search engine in the world.

Our Marketing Team works directly with the Publicity arm and does extensive research to determine the best marketing positions for each of our clients. We work with every client one on one to place them in an exclusive Google search phrase catered to their specific area of expertise
placing them directly in front of their target market.

Get Results

Click here to request your free marketing analysis.

Atlanta Chef stirs up some finger lickin good excitement

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Chef Lamar

By: Rahn Anthoni (EOTM Atlanta)

I had a chance to speak with this gifted chef that knows how to use what God has gifted him to do.

Lamar Carter was born in Fort Hood, TX, raised in Hayward; CA. Lamar was “bitten” by the culinary bug at the young age of 9. Lamar used to do “cooking shows” in the kitchen whenever his mother allowed him to prepare something. He was introduced to international cuisine when he joined the US Navy.  Lamar had the opportunity to travel the world (while stationed in Japan). Chef Lamar LOVES ALL FOOD… very few things that he wouldn’t eat and NOTHING that he cannot prepare to his clients liking.
Lamar has been in Atlanta for a little over 2 years, where he continues to grow his Star Chef Gourmet personal chef/intimate occasions catering business. Lamar has performed star parties for interested clients, where a menu is selected and the client and their guests get an up close and personal cooking lesson (good wine, EXCELLENT food and company… what more could you ask for?).
No budget is too small as EVERY CLIENT is treated like a celebrity! Lamar’s top client was Bishop TD Jakes.
I had the opportunity to have Lamar over to cook and it was as if I was sitting in an up scaled restaurant in Hollywood. I suggest that you give Lamar a call and get a chance to enjoy his reasonable prices along with the elegance of his food.  Contact Chef Lamar at 404-645-6389 to set up a time to have him to cook for your event, personal or whatever you would like him for. The food is awesome and at a good rate.

Marketing 101 – Get it in like a Rapper!!

In Marketing on October 18, 2010 at 12:58 am
By: EOTM Staff


Lil Wayne


Did you know that the music industry is known for using a variety of guerrilla marketing methods before anyone else.  For instance, rappers were one of the original groups to use MySpace as a promotional tool.

I thought it would be helpful to look at some of the techniques rappers are using to promote their music, since they are considered to be on the more aggressive and cutting edge side of the music industry.

Here are some marketing tips that successful Rap Stars have used.



Rappers teaching Corporate game


1) Repetition is good. Most marketing experts and studies will tell you that people need to hear your advertising message at least 4-6 times before they remember it.  Mike Jones, a rapper from Houston, may not have a marketing degree or an MBA, but he acts like he does. In his first album on a major label, all of his songs contained his name, in a catchy jingle “Who???  Mike Jones!” that he used in the background of a number of his songs.  This is really important because when his music was played in clubs or on the radio, you were more likely to remember who the song was by, and more likely to buy the album.  How many times have you heard a catchy song on the radio and went to buy it but had no idea how to find it?  Mike Jones solved that problem by just making the repetition of his name part of the song.  Note:  Rap stars have been putting their name into their songs for decades, but Mike Jones was the first one I know of to take it this far – in his hit song “Back Then”, his name is mentioned 5 times, and in the song “Flossin'” his name appears 15 times! So, the takeaway is that you should figure out what marketing message you want people to remember, and repeat it for them.

2) Embrace user generated content. Many companies are concerned about their trademarks and protection of intellectual property and tend to create “walled gardens” of content preventing users from adapting content to suit their own needs and add value to it.  Musicians’ incomes are tied to sales of their music, and as we all know since the advent of peer to peer file sharing and the mp3 file format, record labels and musicians have generally been trying to copy protect their music and maintain an increased level of control over the distribution of it.

But one rapper has been bucking this trend.  Jay-Z always releases an “acapella” version of his albums, which is just his voice without any background music or beat at all.  The main purpose of these albums is to enable DJs and dedicated fans to remix Jay-Z’s lyrics with other beats and songs.  In fact, Jay-Z’s previous album “The Black Album” was remixed into two other complete albums by separate DJs.  DJ Dangermouse remixed it with the Beatles’ “White Album” to form the “Grey Album” and DJ Cheap Cologne remexed it with Metallica’s “Black Album” to form the “Double Black” album.  While rap music is frequently remixed into other songs, this was really the first large scale example of an entire album being remixed by two different DJs to form two other completely new albums.  While Jay-Z didn’t earn any royalties from the sales of these other albums and the remixed albums themselves were only sold online and in a somewhat underground fashion, the other albums certainly helped propel sales of his own music and created more buzz around both him and the “Black Album” since there were lots of people playing the remixed versions in clubs and people discussing them online. Because of both his talent and also because he has embraced user generated content, Jay-Z is widely acclaimed to be not only one of the best rappers of all time, but also one of the most financially successful (his net worth is estimated at $340 million).

3) Have a specific call to action. One other interesting marketing strategy Mike Jones used was putting his personal cell phone in a couple of his songs, and not in a hidden or obscure way, but actually in the main part of the song and repeated numerous times so everyone remembered “281-330-8004”.  Before long, he was getting hundreds, then thousands of calls per day.  And he would actually personally answer a bunch of them. (The number is now inactive, in case you are trying to call it, lol)  While the huge number of calls was probably a bit annoying, it definitely helped Mike Jones differentiate himself, and I think for the thousands of people he actually talked to for 30 seconds or so, they were very likely to buy his album and talk to their friends about it.  I have seen too many advertisements and especially websites and emails where it is not clear what action you are trying to get people to take next.  It might be to complete a contact form, or call your company, but whatever it is, make sure your prospects know what the next step is that you want them to take.

4) Use lot of partnerships. Many businesses only use partnerships in a limited fashion, and only if they are very structured and set up to be in place for a long time period.  Similarly, in the music industry most rock bands typically play their own music and rarely work with other bands.  Not so in rap music.  Rappers and hip-hop artists very frequently collaborate with each other and produce songs on each other albums “featuring” someone else.  In fact, it is almost a formula to have a song on a famous rappers album featuring an unknown rapper, or vice versa.  One very famous example of this was when Dr. Dre basically launched Snoop Dogg’s career by featuring Snoop Dogg on a couple songs on Dr. Dre’s album “The Chronic”.  People who loved Dr. Dre for years got a chance to hear someone new, and liked him.  Snoop Dogg’s next album “Doggystyle” was a huge success, selling over 800,000 copies in the first week and over 6 million copies through the end of 2006.

The world of marketing is currently changing, I say use the techniques that have worked for others and make them work for you.
Corporate dudes taking notes from rappers?! I say it would be a good day for those who do.