EOTM Press Room


Hiring a publicist is vital step in your entertainment career. A publicist increases your visibility, places you in front of multiple press/media outlets, and makes you a household name. Publicists spend countless hours getting you the attention you cannot get alone, but cannot afford to be without. Remember, a terrible thing happens to the upward growth of your career when you don’t have a publicist: NOTHING!

EOTM Media Group’s Public Relations brings years of industry experience to your career. We have spent numerous hours building an enormous database of press industry and media outlet professionals. In an industry filled with smoke and mirrors, EOTM offers sincerity and confidentiality to all of our clients, that is unparalleled by other firms in the industry. If you are ready to bring your career to the next level, check out the services we offer below and visit our new client’s section.

Here are some of the services we provide for our clients:

  • Event/Campaign Support & Launches
  • Creating A Workable EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
  • Preparing and Distributing Press Releases
  • Securing Interviews With Multiple Media Outlets (TV, Radio, Print, and Web)
  • “Damage” Control – Help Eliminate Negative Press Coverage During “Not So Flattering” Moments – (24/7/365) We Never Close For Our Clients
  • Prepare and Maintain Working Bio
  • Maintain and Archive Press Photo(s)
  • Screen Interview Requests So Our Talent Is Only Spending Time With Relevant Media
  • Create “Brand” and Maintain Continuity Of “Brand”

If there are services that you require as a client, and they are not listed – just ask us – there is very little we won’t do for our clients!


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