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Charlie Sheen Kicks Off Torpedo of Truth Tour – Still “Winning”

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on April 2, 2011 at 8:23 pm


Tour kicks off in Detroit


The ex-“Two and a Half Men” star is hitting the road for a month-long, 20-city tour that gets its start Today — Saturday, April 2nd in Detroit.

AP: Charlie Sheen

Each show will last an hour and a half and feature guests, music and a multimedia presentation. Rapper Snoop Dogg will be there as will guitarist Rob Patterson.

“I am bringing `My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option’ show out to you in the battlefield,” Sheen said in a video announcing the tour. “If you’re winning, I’ll see you there. Trolls need not apply. . . . Buy your ticket. Take the ride. And the ride will take you.”




Charlie Sheen Flips Out On Denise Richards

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on March 30, 2011 at 2:12 am

BY: Tanya Blake

Since Charlie Sheen’s winning interview on “Good Morning America”, he’s somehow completely managed to make headlines a million times over. Between his “bi-winning” comment, to his life with his Goddesses, kissing Jimmy Kimmel and his upcoming tour, it’s been quite the ride. But guess that wasn’t enough, now that he’s opted to attack his ex Denise Richards on Twitter over their dogs — well, her dogs really.

Apparently, Charlie took to Twitter on Monday morning, calling Denise a “dog thief” and a “whore,” because she took back two pugs in his care. His exact words? “We must bombard with Warlock Napalm, that traitor and loser whore #DUH -neese POOR-ARD. A VILE KIDNAPPER AND NOW DOG THIEF. HATE.”

But as we understand, the dogs were actually Denise’s, a source told Popeater. She’d had them since before they got married. However, according to TMZ, during their divorce, she left them with Charlie so their daughters would be able to play with them when they spent time with their dad.

Now Charlie flips out on Twitter and we wonder: why does he now care about the dogs that seem to have been mistreated in his care? Well, according to TMZ, it’s because he wants the dog that’s still alive to be a mascot during his upcoming tour that starts in April.

Denise Richards

Smh….at Charlie…

Charlie Sheen Goes on Tour – Yep, Still Winning

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on March 22, 2011 at 6:47 pm

Charlie Sheen Pulls In $7 Million From Tour

According to TMZ, Charlie Sheen’s tickets are selling like hotcakes! Charlie Sheen now has 21 dates scheduled, including a Toronto spot, for his hour and 15 minute show, featuring “essentially Charlie doing comedy in a chair.”

The actor is able to earn so much from the show due to his concert contract, which let’s him keep 85% of what the tour makes. The shows also have no advertising costs; ticket sales have relied solely on Charlie’s twitter announcements/rants, even for his sold out shows. Sheen is reportedly raffling tickets off for charity for his Detroit show.

The 411 on the Hollywood Scene: Alec Baldwin offers advice to Charlie Sheen

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on March 14, 2011 at 2:23 am

By: Tanya Blake

Quack jobs..I’m just saying —-

In a recent editorial for The Huffington Post, based on his own experiences with executives in the movie and TV business, Baldwin addresses the troubled actor and says: “You can’t win. Really. You can’t.”

Meaning what, exactly? Baldwin gives us a look inside the industry and continues:

“No actor is greater than the show itself when the show is a hit. And, in that regard, [executives] are often right. Add to that the fact that the actor who is torturing their diseased egos is a drug-addled, porn star-squiring, near-Joycean Internet ranter, and they really want you to go.”


Charlie Sheen – The Melt Down

In Breaking News, Celebrity News, EOTM News on February 26, 2011 at 4:44 am

Apparently not content to let sleeping dogs lie, the TV star otherwise known as Carlos Estevez phoned in today to Fox Sports Radio’s Loose Cannons with good friend Pat O’brien and once again went off on Two and a Half Men, calling the show a “pukefest” and producers Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn “Nazis.”

The outburst came a day after Sheen caught flak from Jewish groups when he referred to Lorre by the Hebrew version of his name, Chaim Levine.