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EOTM Public Relations Welcome Lil Zane to the Firm

In Hip Hop Artists on July 3, 2010 at 4:50 am

Lil Zane Is Back & Stronger Than Ever With The Follow Me Tour

“People know who Lil’ Zane is,” he says. “Now, I’ve just gotta remind them why I am who I am. I’m Back”!


(Press Release)Jul 03, 2010 – The transformation from teen star to respected adult performer is not always an easy one. But for Zane Copeland Jr., aka Lil’ Zane, the transition has been seamless.  As someone who has already scored a number of hit singles such as (“Anywhere” w/112, “Money Stretch”, “Callin me”, “Hardball” w/Lil’ Wayne, Sammie & Bow Wow) and appeared on the big screen with Sean Connery (“Finding Forrester”), Eddie Murphy (“Dr. Dolittle 2”), Cuba Gooding Jr. & Beyonce Knowles (“The Fighting Temptations”), and Omar Epps & Mekhi Phifer (“A Day In The Life”), all while being involved in TV shows such as CSI and The Parkers with Monique, Lil Zane has made it clear that he’s a natural performer, going from Music to TV to the Big Screen.

Starting exactly a decade ago Lil Zane assisted in many areas of the Hip Hop industry that most people are unaware of, through his channel of influence he has brought great artists such as Akon to the public and has been one of the first artists to work with Keri Hilson, Pit bull, Lil Wayne, Lil Bow wow, and Beyonce. He was one of the first artists to grace the sound stage at the now famous 106 and park, BET’s number one music video show. “I feel like I’ve grown up a lot over the past few years and my music has matured as well,” explains Zane.

Now as CEO of his own record label, US Entertainment, and partner of Soul sticks Productions, a film company that specializes in producing music videos, developing movies and television shows; Zane plans on creating and producing his own box office hits and signing the hottest new and upcoming artists to his label. Currently on a creative side Lil Zane is collaborating with multiple artists, to bring diversity to his sound and visibility. “In this marketplace an artist has to be aware of the creative side and the business side of this industry. I plan on being the best business man and artist out there.” Zane says.

The Follow Me Tour will hit the stages of California, Georgia and Florida with other States starting the 1st quarter of 2011. The lineup for the tour is phenomenal, “I’m Back Fans, and this time I’m not going anywhere”.

For more information on bookings and tour dates contact Moses Hill at (818)398-5510.


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