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In The Beginning — There was Conscious Rap

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Science Sounds

Los Angeles Based Artist Science Sounds Steps Out In Support of Conscious Rap

Los Angeles, CA — February 23, 2011-

In this era of commercial, hyper sexed, over simplified media that has engulfed the art of hip hop and music as a whole, it’s easy to forget the roots of the genre, a branch that grew from the tree of politically laden spoken word.

Conscious Rap Artist Science Sounds has steadily crafted masterpieces lamenting the contrasts between the ghetto reality and the American dream.

His revolutionary trailblazing has not been overlooked and has helped him stake his claim in bringing conscious rap to the forefront — again.

Conscious rappers like Nas, Lupe Fiasco, De La Soul, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Science Sounds and other similar artists are struggling to create relatable content. While the real problem lies in the fact that the inundation of music with industry-machinated visions of materialism and redundancy has created a “dumbed down” snapshot of our world.

But things are a changing —

The great artists that choose to rap “conscious” are of an intellectual class that far surpasses their counterparts.

Science Sounds has positioned himself as the new breed of conscious hip hop artists.

Check out the new release of his debut single, “Here I am” featuring Father MC and be on the lookout for leaks, videos and stay connected for all upcoming projects.

Science Sounds is an artist currently signed with Johnnie Roscoe Records/Famous Records. For all bookings and media inquiry, contact Carla Barnes at 213-290-3573 or email pr@eotmradio.com. Follow @ScienceSoundz on Twitter.



EOTM Radio Exclusive: Science Sounds Speaks On Conscious Rap and The World of Hip Hop

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Science Sounds and Carla B


Carla B of EOTM Radio recently caught up with Science and chopped it up about his immaculate grind, entrepreneurship, his upcoming music projects and more.

Hear what conscious rapper Science Sounds has to say, live on EOTM Radio, Sunday February 20th @ 7pm PT.

Learn more about Science Sounds and Johnnie Roscoe Records – now








EOTM Interview/The New Voice of Conscious Rap/Science Sounds

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“It’s time to take Conscious Rap out of the box….it’s our time to shine”

Science Sounds


EOTM PR is proud to welcome conscious rapper “SCIENCE SOUNDS” to the firm. Science is currently signed with Johnnie Roscoe/Famous Records Corp.

Rapper/Songwriter, Science Sounds is definitely no stranger to the recording industry. As a matter of fact, his first foray into the business came courtesy of, arguably, one of the hottest emcees in the game, “Father MC.”

Science Sounds immaculate grind and true passion for his craft is evident in his music and notably singers/producers have gravitated towards him for his writing skills. Transforming himself from a behind the scenes rap presence into a hip hop superstar. Science Sounds has positioned himself as the new breed of conscious hip hop artists.

From performing with some of the most popular emcees in the game, writing some of the most exciting street commercial music of his career and keeping his music firmly on the block, Science is focused and hungrier than ever.  He has also transformed himself into a savvy entrepreneur, businessman and youth community activist. Creating a comic book that is written by him and art work produced by Johnnie Roscoe Comic art division. In seeking to further educate youth, Science and his label just recently launched the “Sounds of Science” School Tour, dedicated to empowering youth on the fundamentals of what Science means to the world through fun creative musical presentations. Science Sounds has dedicated himself to educating youth about the importance of science and advocates in the hopes of keeping science in schools.

Science Sound focuses on creating awareness and imparting knowledge...

With the new media revolution in full force and the backing of a great team, Science Sounds is now poised to deliver his music and message to both the long time fans as well as the first time listeners. Be on the lookout for leaks and videos from these upcoming projects.

You can check out Science Sounds for the 1st time on EOTM Radio – Sunday, February 20th at 8pm PT as he makes a guest appearance on the #1 Conscious Hip Hop Show on the net.

EOTM Radio’s conscious hip hop shows help to expound on the conscious realm within the music versus the anger and aggression. Bringing a message of hope, peace and harmony to the masses through these shows.

EOTM is dedicated to bringing to light the presence of positive, constructive and conscious ideals and messages within the world of Rap and Hip Hop. Helping to raise public awareness and spread knowledge and a new vision for the hip hop community, Science Sounds music help us do just that.