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Serena Williams Foot Injury — Not as Bad as some “reliable” Media predicting

In Breaking News, Celebrity News, Sports on January 28, 2011 at 7:29 am

January 28, 2011

By: Stacy Briggs

If you have been watching Serena Williams red carpet pics the past couple months, then you’ve seen the walking cast she has been sporting. Williams has already admitted that she had foot surgery, following an accident involving broken glass at a restaurant in Munich last summer. However, now it is being reported that her foot is badly infected and not responding to antibiotics.

SandraRose is reporting:

“Williams has a serious bone infection (osteomyelitis) in her right foot that is not responding well to intravenous antibiotics such as Vancomycin”. Considering this type of antibiotic is the last line of antibodies used in an injury such as this, some “reliable” media outlets are reporting she maybe loosing her foot.

Serena Williams recently shared details of her injury with  USA TODAY’s Christine Brennan. Serena was injured July 7 in Munich as she was walking out of a restaurant wearing sandals and “all of a sudden felt pain.”

Serena Williams Sporting Her Walking Cast

“The pain felt like kind of a stubbed foot, like ‘Ow,’ and I thought, ‘Wow, I stubbed my foot.’ Then in 20 seconds, or a minute, I started walking again. And it hurt some more. So we looked down and there was glass all over the floor. I was standing, recovering, thinking I got a little cut and telling my nephew, who was with us, to be careful. Then my practice partner put a cellphone down to the floor so we could see, and there was a huge puddle of blood. I said, ‘OMG, I don’t think this is good.’ ”

They went to an emergency room in Munich where Williams said she had X-rays and received 18 stitches: six inside the cut on her right foot and six on top of that foot, and six stitches on the bottom of her left foot. “I don’t know how it happened. Honestly, I think someone may have dropped something, which is how I got cut on both feet.”

Following all of that, she realized she needed surgery to correct a lacerated tendon, which is what prompted the need for the boot. “I’m out of it now,” she says, although she wore it just last week at a U.S. Open player party. “I hated that boot. I plan to use it for target practice for my serves.”

Serena, EOTM wishes you a speedy recovery!