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EOTM Radio Hosts opens up about the importance of Conscious Rap

In Conscious Hip Hop on August 31, 2010 at 1:17 am

We can overcome the ever-growing trend towards negativity in Hip Hop and hold steadfast to positive beliefs and ideals while maintaining great success and influence…but we need your help.


PRLog (Press Release)Aug 31, 2010 – EOTM is dedicated to bringing to light the presence of positive, constructive and conscious ideals and messages within the world of Rap and Hip Hop. Helping to raise public awareness and spread knowledge and a new vision for the hip hop community.

EOTM Media Group is happy to announce a new series of shows on Conscious Hip Hop and recognizing these Artists. These new series of shows will detail interviews with prominent Hip Hop Artists and expounding on the conscious realm within the music versus the anger and aggression. Our hopes are that we will be able to bring a message of hope, peace and harmony to the masses through these shows.

Will you join us to make conscious hip hop not just a underground movement but mainstream as well?

EOTM is currently accepting music submissions in the conscious hip hop/rap genre to be played on air. Send radio edited music via mp3 along with 2 headshots and a brief bio to pr@eotmradio.com for consideration.

Listen to this new series of shows debuting on Monday August 30th @ 8pm PST on www.eotmradio.com.