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Serena Williams goes Black Eyed Peas Style with Imma be Imma be – a RAPPER

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on April 27, 2011 at 4:45 pm

By: Carla B.

What is really going on? Looks like yo girl Serena Williams, Tennis extraordinaire wants to try he hand at rapping.

Serena Williams Rapping

She is known for her awesome serve, but rapping!? Well according to TMZ, the tennis superstar is pursuing a career as a rapper!

Serena reportedly checked into a studio last week in order to work on her flow and lay down tracks with an assist from respected hip-hop producer DJ Clue.

Williams has also allegedly teamed up with a label owned and operated by Bryant McKinnie of the Minnesota Vikings. That’s a logical match up, since both are athletes venturing into the music world and can grow and learn together, right? Judging from the people that Williams is working with, she is serious about this new phase of her career.

Rumor has it that Williams’ rap skills are pretty good. I wonder what type of rap she plan on bringing, I pray its a little bit of conscious. Lord knows we don’t need another Lil Kim. What are your thoughts? Share below.


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