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BET’s The Game – RECAP – Espisode 4

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on February 2, 2011 at 7:21 am

By: Tawanda Cawthon

It’s all about The Game — I’m just saying —-

Okay, so some of you maybe thinking, RECAP — not needed. I disagree, The Game is so big right now my pet chihuahua makes me record every last episode. With that out the way, let’s go with the recap!

So, we are at  season 4, episode 4.  The latest installment of the popular sitcom was called “It Was All Good Just a Week Ago.” The episode featured Malik’s recent run-in with the law and Melanie continuing to try to fit in with the other wives and girlfriends.

In the preview for tonight’s show, viewers were reminded that Malik got arrested last week for a DUI charge. The episode finished with mugshots of Malik being splashed across the TV screen.

In tonight’s new episode, Tasha, Derwin and others learn about Malik’s arrest, thanks to a news report.  Also, Jason is back for this episode after being MIA last week.  He sees the news and immediately leaves the bar he’s at to go see about the situation.

Malik meets with the Sabers owner and a higher up who say they believe he will walk on these latest charges, because he’s a star in this town. They liken it to the fact that Shamu got away with murder but didn’t do any time for it. Malik is advised not to talk to anyone in public.

Tasha visits Malik to confront him about what happened with the arrest. Malik tells his mother he doesn’t want her around, because she works for Derwin. Tasha tells him she’ll be around no matter what happens, though. She bumps into Derwin on the way out, as his manager advises him it’s not a good idea to associate with Malik right now.

Later, Malik is out bowling and sees his pal Jason doing a news story for his sports talk show about staying in jail. Jason interviews people out and about who talk about all of Malik’s bad habits and how he isn’t a real role model.

Derwin comes home to find Melanie buried in various gadgets and gifts from Derwin’s sponsors. She chastises Derwin about the fact that he tried to visit Malik. She tells him this is about business, and he is a brand. She shows him a new Nike commercial with the expression “Boom!” attached to him. She also shows him that they are on the cover of Essence magazine then asks if he’s ready to give up all of his hard work.

A female friend visits Malik suggesting he go into rehab, if he wants to clean up his image. Malik isn’t having it, at all, and storms off.

Jason has Malik on the “Benched” sports talk show to discuss his latest troubles. Malik loses it on the air and goes off on everyone, then tells them to shut off the cameras. Jason tells Malik he’s his friend and wants to help him.  Malik yells at Jason and storms off the show’s set.

The show ends, as Malik holds a press conference to apologize for what he did to the police officer. He also announces he will check into rehab and will make it with the support of his family and friends. Malik says he plans to return to football one day but is going to handle his personal matters, first. The show closes with Tasha hugging her son, as the cameras flash. Okay — I can breath again!

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