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Oprah’s Big Secret is A Half Sister

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on January 25, 2011 at 7:20 pm

January 24, 2011

By: EOTM Staff

Oprah Welcomes Half Sister

Oprah’s recently learned about a half-sister living in Milwaukee and she has decided to share the news with the world. In 1963, when Oprah was 9, her mother, Vermita Lee, put a child up for adoption and never told Oprah. That child had a father who was not Oprah’s dad. On Monday’s show, 48 years later, Oprah and Patricia (last name withheld) were reunited with Lee. DNA tests confirmed the sisterhood. In searching for her birth mother, Patricia stumbled on the astounding truth. She then began the long work of contacting Oprah privately. Patricia has a daughter, Aquarius, and a son, Andre, giving Oprah a half-niece and -nephew.

Oprah said she was so impressed that Patricia didn’t try to sell the story and that she had to meet someone with that kind of character. “If that got out, it’s not fair, because it’s family business, and family business needs to be handled by family,” Patricia explained why she didn’t tell the media. “That’s not fair. It wouldn’t be fair to you.”

“It feels like closure for my sister Pat who passed. I did the best I could for her,” Oprah disclosed, revealing that she put her sister through drug rehab before she passed. “It feels to me like you are Pat on her best day. You are who she wanted to be without the drugs.” Congrats to the happy new found family!


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