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9,400-year-old dog found/Oldest dog bones Unearthed

In Breaking News, EOTM News, World News on January 20, 2011 at 8:55 am

January 19, 2011

By: Tawanda Fredricks

A graduate student was examining ancient human waste when he came across a bone fragment. Samuel Belknap III, a University of Maine graduate student was researching the diet and nutrition of ancient people who lived in what is now the Long Star State — Texas. The 9,400 year old dog was identified from the bone fragment in human dung (human feces) unearthed at an archaeological site in Texas.

Dog's paw print














Since the bone was found in human excrement, it shows that these early canines were not domesticated in the traditional sense.  So much for the old adage, “dog’s are a man’s best friend”.

Researcher Samuel Belknap III poses with a skull of a domestic dog, on Jan. 14, at the University of Maine in Orono. Belknap found a bone fragment of what he says is the oldest-known domesticated dog in North America, while examining a waste matter recovered from Hinds Cave, a major archeological site in southwest Texas near the Mexico border. Robert F. Bukaty/AP



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