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Lil Kim NOT Lil Kim – The Transformation

In Breaking News, Celebrity News, EOTM News, EOTM Radio on January 16, 2011 at 5:01 am

By: Carla B

You know how you watch one of your favorite sci fi movies and one of your favorite characters comes back from a long weekend acting a tad bit strange. Something is definitely amiss but you just can’t put your finger on it, then it hits you, “Scotti, by god — they’ve been beamed up!

Lil Kim today

Their body has been taken over! I really believe this is what has happened to hip hop icon, Lil Kim. Check out the transformation from pretty girl to what the he** girl, I’m just saying!

Lil Kim before the surgery

Lil Kim Changing

Lil Kim still changing


Hopefully Kim is done...

On a more serious tip, Lil Kim’s plastic surgery is more like a extreme make over . Some people get plastic surgery because they want to enhance their image, it looks like Kim requested to be transformed into someone completely different than the Lil Kim her fans had become use to and  grown to love.

In her latest photos her face does not look the same , it looks like she got cheek implants, her nose looks even thinner than before suggesting another rhinoplasty, and maybe she even got a brow lift with all those procedures.

I would love the opportunity to interview Lil Kim and other celebrities like her to ask their reasons behind all the plastic surgeries. There is a perception in the African American community that Lil Kim and others like her that have gotten plastic surgery to this extreme, did not like the way they looked as a Black woman, so they utilize this method to make themselves look less “Black”. Hopefully she is finally happy!

I think I may have to schedule a show on this topic and air on EOTM Radio, hmm… I just may do just this. Stay tuned!

  1. nicely put together, and i always thought she was prettier before all the surgeries.

  2. Lil kim is a mess. She is naturallybeautiful, dont understand why she’d change her image like that……Folk should accept who they are….period!!!

  3. I feel ya, I have no problem with a lil bit here and there but she went waaay over board. The most recent photo does not even look like it could be a cousin or a long lost relative. Someone new…smh

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