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Birds Fall From The Sky/Birds and Fish Dying

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New Cases of unexplained wildlife deaths are popping up around the globe.

By: EOTM Staff

It all started on January 2nd as hundreds of blackbirds fell from the sky over Louisiana, days after a similar phenomenon in neighboring Arkansas.

This just in: There has been new cases reported in Italy, Florida, Arkansas and Texas and it appears that the mass deaths are not slowing down. Whether this is a natural occurrence that is just receiving unprecedented media attention or something else remains to be seen. On Wednesday, in Italy, it has been reported that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dead and dying birds have been found littered in the streets, in flower beds, and hanging from trees. In Faenza, a town located in Northeast Italy, countless turtle doves were found dead, many with a mysterious blue stain on their beaks. According to Geopress.org, wildlife officials in Italy are suggesting that the blue stain is generally a sign of hypoxia, or suffocation. It may also be related to poisoning. Officials point out that poisoning of only one specific type of bird is highly unlikely. Officials also suggest that it is not uncommon to see record die-offs in these places; however they have never seen a number this high before. In Florida, thousands of dead fish were found floating along a waterway in Volusia County on Tuesday.

In Texas, officials are dismissing a large number of dead birds as a natural phenomenon. Dozens of dead birds were spotted on a bridge along highway 155 in Usher County, Texas. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Media Communication Director, Tom Harvey, it is not uncommon to see dozens of dead birds on this bridge including the American Coots here.

There’s been alot of recent talk about global conspiracies and this being some kind of biblical omen but from what I know about the bible in speaking with experts, there is no prophecy about the birds falling from the sky. However, as we already know scientific debunking will never stop the speculation. What’s interesting to me is that these animal deaths started less than two weeks after a total lunar eclipse.

In researching this topic I found people are airing their suspicions online, making, birds fall from the sky” and “birds and fish dying” top Google search suggestions for the word “birds”.

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Updated on January 8th at 11:30pm PST –

For the past few years, scientists have been following what they called a “colony collapse” of honeybees, blaming the deaths of millions of bees in a number of possible causes, such as pathogens, the use of pesticides, fungi, stress and even cell phone radiation. Some conspiracy theorist believes the missing  bees are related to the bird and fish death.

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