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‘Ugly Betty’ Star Michael Brea, rants “My Mother’s The Devil” and Kills her With Sword

In Breaking News, Celebrity News on November 26, 2010 at 8:19 pm

By: Stacy Briggs

According to the NYPD, Michael Brea, an actor who once appeared on Ugly Betty, has killed his mother with a samurai sword after a “religious rant.”

Sword Being Carried Out

Ugly Betty and Step-Up 3D actor Michael Brea is now in jail and probably won’t be doing anymore acting for a long while if ever again. He has been arrested for fatally stabbing his mother with a sword. Yannick Brea, 55, was heard screaming by neighbors as her son chased her around their Brooklyn apartment home at around 1:30 AM Tuesday.

Michael Brea

Neighbor Gregory Clare recalls:

“I hear the brother chasing her [his mother] through the house and he’s just saying a bunch of like [Bible] passages like, ‘Repent, Repent, Repent,’”“I heard him chasing her through the house and I hear a loud scream and so I have my father call the cops, I yelled call 911.”

Michael Brea was heard referencing the ‘architect of the universe,’ which is a term used by Freemasons to mean a supreme being, or god. He was also heard shouting at his mother to ‘REPENT,’ before stabbing her with a 3-foot ceremonial use sword and decapitating her.

When the police arrived they tasered Michael and took him to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation, where he allegedly said:

“When I looked at my mother, I saw the devil. I was slashing my mom and I heard the police knocking on the door yelling, Michael open up, Michael open up, but I knew the wouldn’t open the door and stop me because the spirits were protecting me, I just kept cutting her. No one could stop me! I was doing God’s work.”

The investigation is ongoing. Charges are pending. ABC, the network on which Ugly Betty appeared, had no comment.


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