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Ms. Drama Ganza

In Hip Hop Artists on October 7, 2010 at 1:00 am


Ms Drama Ganza


By: Saytue Saye

Hip Hop is nothing like it use to be, right?! Honestly, during this time, 2010, female rappers are becoming more of a fashion performer than a lyrical artists. So, what do you do when all you hear is gibberish from these so call boss female rappers? The only proper thing to do is search deeper and harder for the real artists. Good thing for you, if you’ve stumbled upon this page, I will tell you about a very talented young lady by the name of Drama Ganza. You probably heard of her name or maybe you don’t know who she is, either way, her music is of lyrical art and should be listened to.

Who Is Ms. Drama Ganza?

Get A Closer Look!

If female legends such as MC Lyte or Lauryn Hill were your inspirations growing up, I’m pretty sure Ms. Drama Ganza will definitely inspire you and keep you on your toes with her beautiful vocals, hard lyrical twist, and her sophisticated hood swagger.

A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, she realised her passion for music at the age of nine. Performing at her local school talent shows, she decided to strengthen her natural skills in 1999 as a local Rap artist.

Ms. Drama Ganza increased her fan based since she hit Atlanta with her one of her hottest hit single “Girl Next Door”. She has sold over 45,000 copies of her 5 total finished projects out of the trunk.

She has worked with T.I, jagged Edge, and so much more!

Learn more about this gifted female rapper by clicking “here”.


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