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Dante’ RoZe chats with Carla B on the E! Buzz Entertainment Show

In Breaking News, EOTM Radio on October 7, 2010 at 11:25 pm

Dante' RoZe

Dante’ RoZe returns to EOTM Radio on Thursday, October 7th for an exclusive interview with Carla B regarding new music, videos, acting gigs as well as diving a lil deep in the heart and mind of Dante’ RoZe. World EOTM Radio premiere of HOT new Single “Hero”!

Call in LIVE and chat with Dante' RoZe (718)664-6543

Listen LIVE to learn 20 HOT facts about Dante’ RoZe


The 411 >>>> Dante’ Eugene Murry on March 12, 1987, was born to a family of six on the South side of Chicago. As the middle child he was forced to do whatever it took to stand out from the others. Sang happy birthday to himself on his 1st birthday and haven’t stop singing since. Performed for the first time at church on Easter Sunday where his pastor prophesied “you will become one of the world’s leading singers”. That same night Dante told his mother about his dreams of getting them out the hood. He began learning to perfect his music skills by practicing everyday and forcing himself to learn about the ins and outs of the music industry by reading at least one book a month. This study was made easy for him seeing as though his family was too poor to afford cable, which allowed him to think outside the cable box. Now his creativity had no choice but to roam.

By the age of 14, Dante’ had performed at least 100 times throughout the times throughout the metro Chicago area. Due to funding, exposure to perform outside his hometown area was limited. It was that year his mother decided to better his chances by moving into one of the cheapest apartments she could afford in the suburbs, assuming it would be better than the city life. After living in Hazel Crest, IL for a year Dante’ was signed to Street Legal records with expectations of fulfilling that prophecy as one of the industries hottest R&B artists.

Don’t miss this exclusive interview with Carla B of EOTM Radio Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 7pm PST – Click to listen – Studio Line – 718-664-6543 – Archived edition will be available for FREE on iTunes immediately after segment ends, just type in “EOTM Radio” for downloads.
Management – Artist Worldwide Select

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