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Entrepreneurs on the Move (EOTM) takes the lead on Google, Employee of the month, No more..?!

In EOTM News on October 5, 2010 at 6:39 pm

The acronym’s most popular phrase today is “Entrepreneurs on the Move”. Google, EOTM and see for yourself.

The new face of EOTM

By: Tawana Fredricks


EOTM (Press Release)Oct 05, 2010 – The new favorite acronym was first used back in February 2007 by a small media company called EOTM Radio and Media which is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The company has been steadily gaining momentum on Google, which is the number one search engine taking 59.9% of all online searches.

So where has the Employee of the Month gone? Nowhere, it’s still there, you just need to scroll down through the many EOTM Radio and Media links to find the once loved Employee of the Month.

In speaking with Carla Barnes, the founder of EOTM (Entrepreneurs on the move), she shared this, “we are not trying to take anything away from the everyday workers doing their 9-5. These are hard working Individuals, Moms and Dads, Tax Payers; we love and respect their drive and commitment.  They should be rewarded. Our job; however is to empower people with the entrepreneurial spirit. The little spark that’s in all of us, it’s that very same spark I believe that helps shape our destiny, change our lives. Taking responsibility for our own future, our children’s future. “

Find out more about the EOTM movement by Googling “EOTM”. The truth is out there.


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