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Club La Vida NOT Loco

In Review on September 7, 2010 at 7:13 pm

If you enjoy Caribbean atmospheres with a hint of Hip Hop you must check out Club La Vida in Hollywood, California on a Sunday night.


EOTM (Press Release)Sep 07, 2010 – EOTM was in the house for Jamaican Gold’s annual Labor Day Bash inside La Vida on September 5th with special guest Chi Ching Ching.

To be perfectly honest I wasn’t too enthused on going to another Hollywood Club on a Saturday night. Why? Well it’s the long lines and the infamous red rope that had me squirming. I didn’t know how long my crew and I would be standing in the media line waiting on the promoter that had invited us out. However, it appears club owners and promoters have it figured out at La Vida because we were inside within ten minutes.

The venue has a beautifully lit courtyard with large fire pits decorated with colorful rock coals that do wonders on a chilly night.

Between her rugged mountains and sun drenched beaches, emerald jungles and impossibly blue Caribbean waters, the island of Jamaica is both a study in contrasts and a living lesson in geography as was La Vida and our Jamaican Gold experience.

We were immediately taken in by the open layout and bars, three inside and one outside. The atmosphere was pleasant and relaxing with a variety of music playing on a beautiful white plaster arched courtyard with the nostalgia of a Montego Bay. Complete with shade, sun and fire if weather calls for it. Couches and lounge chairs made outside seating even more appealing.  There was complementary, colorful and delicious chips and salsa. The Restaurant serves authentic Mexican which our selections were delicious. The shrimp and calamari was delicious. Truly, the only thing missing was the white sand and if I may add…. Taye Diggs.

If you enjoy the soul of Jamaican resort type atmospheres, authentic Mexican and the best of reggae with a hint of hip hop connect with Jamaican Gold today.

http://www.lareggaeclubs.com or http://www.jamaicangold.com

Media Contact:


Carla Barnes | pr@eotmradio.com | 909-559-1763




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