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EOTM Public Relations Firm Welcomes the Hottest Urban Men’s Magazine

In Clients and Events on August 27, 2010 at 5:57 am

Stunnaz Magazine is a men’s magazine like no other. Founded by a man with a vision to bring his readers content they want to see, hear, and feel. The Stunnaz team most definitely has they’re fingers on the pulse of what men want in this style of magazine. “So many times we have heard men say how tired they are of seeing these, “fake looking” models in some of the magazine’s that are out now”, Solomon Carter, the CEO of Stunnaz Mag says. “Fans & Readers of these magazine’s know what airbrushing & photoshop is, they aren’t naive; they are very educated for the most part”, he says.

Carter felt it was time to give the fans and readers of these publications something they would love and that is absolute minimal retouching of beautiful women from all over the globe.

Stunnaz Magazine also features engaging news and entertainment articles as well as highlighting some of the hottest artists in mainstream media as well as underground.

The Motto at Stunnaz Magazine is quoted best by one of Stunnaz’ great contributors…”Real Women, Real Models, All Day at Stunnaz Magazine…candy wrapper girls…unreal”.

Check out Stunnaz Magazine at  www.stunnazmag.com for subscription information and also check out Stunnaz Mag’s new radio talk show debuting on EOTMRadio.com – September 1st @ 9pm EST.

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