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In Public Relations on June 18, 2010 at 8:30 am

EOTM Knows Online Communities

 As blog readership continues to explode, savvy companies are capitalizing on the PR opportunities that social media offers. Increasingly, blogging and other key social media elements are an integral part of our clients’ overall public relations strategy.

EOTM offers a full range of social media, blogging relations and blog monitoring services within our California, Georgia  and New York locations.

From helping to define your social media strategy, to generating online buzz, to monitoring and shaping what is said about your company in the online communities, EOTM will help you optimize the PR opportunities of blogs and social media, while minimizing the risks.

 Online Media Relations

Our deep media relationships extends online, where EOTM’s online media relations experts will identify and help you to build relationships with the most influential online voices in your industry. We also work at the grassroots level to spark conversations and positively influence what is said. We also work within social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to garner coverage and foster relationships.

Blog Monitoring

Like it, or not, bloggers are (or will be) talking about your company. Listening to the online communities provides you with valuable feedback and alerts you to issues that impact your company — before they become a crisis.

Our communications professionals are experienced in blog monitoring; listening to and reporting on the most influential voices. Not only will EOTM help you monitor the most meaningful online discussions, we will collect the facts, correct misperceptions, help control harmful rumors and work cohesively with clients to brand their product or service to deliver an out of the box platform.

Once the message and strategy are set, EOTM creates and deploys “High Performance” communications programs, ranging from traditional media relations and product launches to hard-core Competitive Relations campaigns to grass roots social media outreach.

Lastly, in line with our commitment to delivering measurable public relations, EOTM can provide you with monthly business blog consulting reports that analyze your company’s online visibility.

At EOTM, your brand is beautiful and we want the world to see. Contact us today to start spreading YOUR news!!

www.needapublicist.comwww.queensofinternetradio.comwww.eotmradio.com – (909)527-3661


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