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Changing The Game In Real Estate

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EOTM Real Estate Group Announces

The H.O.M.E. Initiative

EOTM Real Estate Group launches the H.O.M.E. Initiative. A new program dedicated to helping those homeowners that were directly affected by the Mortgage Meltdown. Launching programs and seminars whereas these consumers can get back on track to homeownership, being educated on the process along the way.

Accelerating Positive Change In The Mortgage Industry

EOTM Real Estate Group is stepping up to the plate. Taking responsibility for having played a part in making the Real Estate/Mortgage Industry what it is today.

“EOTM Real Estate Group’s Community Building Initiative is to right a wrong, so to speak. Creating hope, sooner rather than later. Building stronger building blocks, the kind that will withstand storms and leave a legacy for our children. An initiative that is needed”. Carla Barnes, President of EOTM Real Estate Group says.

Community Building Activists

The EOTM Real Estate Group’s community initiative will first and foremost help find quality homes for qualified individuals. “It’s such an unfortunate situation, considering these hardworking families have probably filed bankruptcy as a means to try and save their homes. Making it almost impossible for owners/property managers to rent to them.” Carla Barnes says. EOTM will be placing the candidates in homes for 12 – 24 months under a rental agreement or lease to purchase. Within that time frame these families will work hand in hand with credit coaches, debt consolidation experts and other mortgage/real estate professionals to help put them back on track to homeownership.

EOTM will be offering free seminars online and traditonal in the hopes of educating consumers .. tips they need to know before obtaining their next mortgage. Understanding credit, how it works and more. Helping to turn the once subprime borrower into prime borrowers. Building stronger communities in the process.

EOTM currently has homes available to rent or lease with option all across Atlanta and quickly expanding into other regions.

Helping to build stronger communities is the ultimate goal. Investors, Lenders, Builders, lock arms with EOTM Real Estate Group Today. Bring the H.O.M.E. initiative into your community.

“A Home Is a Terrible Thing To Waste, Next Time You Buy Make The Decision To Keep It”

Are You a Mortgage or Real Estate Professional? Join our initiative, contact Carla for more info @ 678.548.9466



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